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Johnny O hits a new low with another fake promise of transparency
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 17th September 2020
With his catering to special interest groups and developers continuing, and with his repeated lack of concern for taxpayers and business owners, our current (and worst-ever) county executive may just be waving goodbye to his time upon the throne. (Photo Credit: Baltimore Fishbowl)


Worst. County. Executive. Ever.

We’re borrowing the above phrasing from a character on The Simpsons, but we believe it is definitely warranted, folks.

In his latest gaffe debacle edict announcement, County Executive Johnny Olszewski promised “increased transparency” as part of the SMART Policing Act.

We had to laugh.

If the county executive really wanted to be transparent, he wouldn’t constantly ignore our email requests for information. (Publisher’s Note: We even started having our editor send the emails just in case mine was blocked. We still get no replies.)

If Johnny O really wanted the police department to be transparent, he would have them provide the information we requested about the death of beloved community leader Georgia Bartrum.

If there really was a basis for change to the police force, the county executive and police chief would have produced the data that supported change rather than going off all willy nilly and insulting the nationally accredited Baltimore County Police Department.

He ignores facts. He panders and caters to special interest groups and developers. And he turns his back on the taxpayers and business owners.

We believe, under Johnny O’s so-called leadership, the county has turned a corner … and not in a good way.

A new era deserves a new nickname.

With that said, ladies and gentlemen, we wave goodbye (metaphorically, unfortunately) to Johnny O and introduce you to…

“Commie Johnny”

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