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Oopski! “Commie” county schools more concerned with pushing BLM ideology than securing online classrooms
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 20th September 2020
A Catonsville HS student holds a BLM protest rally. Note the sign at the bottom right, which basically infers that ALL BCPS teachers are racist. That message seems better suited for a rally for Antifa, the well-known Marxist anarchist group. (Photo Credit: Baltimore Sun)

Folks, it’s no secret that we’ve been casting a critical eye on the Baltimore County Public Schools for some time.

From ethics violations to no-bid contracts to financial fiascos, the school system has a less than stellar reputation.

As the saying goes, “The hits just keep on coming.”

The latest boondoggle from the Baltimore County COMMIE Public Schools involves an incident where pornography was shown during a recent online class. Here are the details, straight from the comrades in charge:

Folks, how this could possibly happen is just plain maddening.

Apparently, the powers that be at the COMMIE schools are too worried about pushing BLM resolutions than securing their online learning environments to keep unwanted visitors out.

Additionally, those same educational politburo members find it appropriate that the student shown at the top of the article included a sign at her BLM protest rally stating that all Baltimore County teachers need bias training.

Is that truly what they believe? The message coming across loud and clear is that everyone is racist and needs to be retrained in a manner deemed appropriate by the BLM movement.

Sounds a lot like Antifa propaganda to us.

Folks, this is the way communism starts. Divide and conquer. There should be no recognizing that one race is more important than another.

That goes against the Constitution and the general principles of this nation dating back to the Civil Rights movement.

But what else should we expect from a school system that gets its ideology trickled down from the “Commie Johnny” administration.

Needless to say, the whole “pornography in the virtual classroom” episode never would have happened if teachers and administrators did their jobs and got students back into the actual classrooms.

What more incentive does the COMMIE school system need? Teachers have been deemed “essential workers” by President Trump. And Governor Hogan has declared it safe for schools to reopen.

Yet the online porn display during a poor excuse for a distance learning educational system continues.

Simply put, folks, if the administrators and teachers don’t want to do their jobs, they shouldn’t get paid. We believe government officials should draw a hard line in the sand, just like President Ronald Reagan did back in 1981.

Getting paid for not doing your jobs? How much more communist of an attitude can you have?



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