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Media Deaf to “Yes” When it Comes to White Supremacy
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 3rd October 2020


Sometimes you need to accept yes for an answer.

But in the case of some media, yes is not ever enough.

On Thursday, Fox News correspondent John Roberts asked White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany whether President Trump denounced white supremacy.  Yes was her answer, though Roberts interpreted her remarks, otherwise.

You can watch the exchange here.

During Tuesday’s presidential debate, Fox News’ Chris Wallace asked the same.  But some interpreted Trump’s response … well, otherwise.

You can watch that exchange here.

At least NPR now reports that Trump has finally said yes to the question, while history tells us a different story – one where the president has historically denounced white supremacy clearly and emphatically.

One such exchange can be viewed here.

Still, some media ask and ask, yet curiously seem not to like yes for an answer.

If yes is not a suitable response, perhaps looking at Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden for an affirmative – where he has stood historically on the matter of white power – may quench the media’s thirst for blood on the matter of white supremacy.

While Biden appears to now conveniently denounce his thoughts on racial superiority, he also affirmed his support for it in years past.

The question is: While the media are looking for that yes from Trump, why aren’t they also asking Biden to answer for his well-documented and affirmative views concerning white superiority?

Perhaps it’s because the media already knows Biden’s answer.  Yet, even in Biden’s case, yes is not enough.



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