‘Commie Johnny’ gives two-faced views of BCPD
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 8th October 2020
In typical leftist/communist fashion, County Executive ‘Commie Johnny’ O gave two different views about the professionalism of the BCPD during the same radio interview. (Photo Credit: The Baltimore Post/Satirical Photo)

It seems County Executive ‘Commie Johnny’ O may have debuted his Halloween costume a little early this year.

We must say that his choice of the Two Face persona seems awful appropriate.

On Tuesday’s C4 and Bryan Nehman show on WBAL-AM, Commie Johnny spoke out of both sides of his face when he was discussing the Baltimore County Police Department (BCPD).

On one hand, he continued to spew garbage about the need for the SMART Policing Act, which the majority of county council members rubber stamped (as usual) and the county executive says he will sign.

We’ve written plenty in the past about how this reform bill is a slap in the face to the rank-and-file men and women who walk the thin blue line. Simply put, passing a reform bill that targets a nationally accredited police department suggests impropriety within the department.

Yet, when speaking out of the other side of his face, Commie Johnny had nothing but good things to say about BCPD and Police Chief Melissa Hyatt regarding an inappropriate email that circulated through the department this week.

This inappropriate image was part of a BCPD internal email this week. While Police Chief Melissa Hyatt says she is investigating the matter, there seems to be a lack of outrage since the image blasts a conservative icon. (Photo Credit: WBFF-TV FOX 45 News)

When asked about the email and internal investigation, the county executive practically gushed about the BCPD:

I do not think this is in any way reflective of the hardworking men and women in our police department. They have incredible professionalism, and that’s not reflective of who they are and what we’re about in Baltimore County.

Really, Johnny? REALLY???

Was it reflective to pass a reform bill based upon instances that happened in Seattle, or Louisville, or anywhere but Baltimore County???

How can you practically vilify an entire department with no data to support the move, but turn around and profess their incredible professionalism when presented evidence against that statement?

If the inappropriate image lambasted a liberal/progressive/communist icon, we’re sure the county executive and police chief would have shouted their outrage from the rooftops.

Instead, because the image poked fun at a conservative icon, there’s no outrage.

And that, folks, is the communist way. Anything deemed acceptable by the czar should be OK with the lowly subjects.

The hypocrisy continues to stink up our county.

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