Has Fox News joined the corrupt lamestream media? All signs point to yes…
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 4th November 2020

As many Americans did last night, we cozied up to the television to watch the Presidential Election coverage. And, as we have done pretty steadily since the mid-1990s, we tuned into Fox News to watch their “fair and balanced” coverage.

To say we were shocked would be an understatement.

Fox News, the network that had been a champion for the conservative viewpoint for 20+ years, was surprisingly left in their coverage.

WAY left.

They even went so far as to have a SMILING Joe Biden pic next to a VERY FRUMPY President Trump pic in their coverage:

As the night went on, we had to check the channel several times. Did our cable provider move the conservative network to another channel number? Were we hallucinating?

Twitter let us know that we weren’t the only ones witnessing (and cursing) the transformation:

Even celebrities were calling out the formerly “fair and balanced” network:

It was clear that Fox News was trying to shed its former self and snuggle up to the left.

We believe that effort fell VERY flat and proved to be a ‘double loss’ for Rupert Murdoch’s news channel.

1) No matter what, the left will continue to hate Fox News and will instead pony up to the ‘Communist News Network’ (CNN) and the ‘Mostly Stupid Nonsensical Butt-kissing Communists’ (MSNBC) channel.

2) The ‘new’ Fox News has effectively alienated their entire audience with the exception of the few true conservative voices (Tucker, Hannity) that remain.

At best, Fox News was trying to appease its new Disney overlords.

At worst, the former conservative network committed fraud:

Folks, we can now say with certainty that—should President Trump wrongfully lose the election—Fox News will go the way of the Dodo Bird.

And, as science has shown us, there’s no coming back from that…

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