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Big media, big tech ratchet up censorship of dissenting voices
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 9th November 2020


Welcome to the new America, folks, brought to you by the liberal left.

Or, should we say, “thrust upon you” by the liberal media.

After having declared the election over and coronating Joe Biden as president-elect, one would think the liberal lamestream media and the big tech social media giants would stop their squashing of dissenting opinions and let free speech ring once again.


If anything, the censorship has gotten even worse.

Take Fox News (born 1996, died 2020), which continues to be a shell of its former “fair and balanced” self. The network has almost completely sold out to the left, going so far as to completely shut down dissenting voices, even when they emanate from the White House.

It is absolutely sickening to see Fox News go so low—or so left—by cutting off a White House press conference to spew the same garbage about the “lack of evidence” of voter fraud.

To make matters worse, the formerly “fair and balanced” network tossed Judge Jeanine Pirro to the trash heap after she dared to focus her Saturday evening program on the stealing of the election:

Meanwhile, Twitter and Facebook have been torching the accounts of conservatives who dare to question the legitimacy of ‘King Biden’s’ election/coronation:

Thankfully, Dan Bongino stepped in to give conservatives a voice on social media with the new Parler platform:

Folks, the lengths that the lamestream media and social media tech giants are going to in order to silence tens of millions of Americans is disgusting.

One small bright spot left at Fox News is Tucker Carlson, but even he has to choose his words carefully to avoid getting taken off the air:

If they continue to stomp on the First Amendment, one has to wonder if the rest of the Bill of Rights will be soon to follow.

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