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Proof that the lamestream media is determined to control the narrative and silence dissent
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 19th November 2020

So much for living in “the land of the free,” at least when it comes to the freedom of speech.

The lamestream media (LSM) is trying to convince the nation that dissenting voices are “a threat to our democracy.”

What’s that, you say? That’s just a bunch of “conspiracy talk?”

Just take a look and listen to this little ditty:

That is one BIG unified shill from the LSM.

But make no mistake, the “threat to our democracy” these talking heads are referring to are the conservative voices on social media. The hypocrisy of letting the left say whatever they want and get away with it remains.

Not surprising that this sudden push is happening as:

1) The election results are still being scrutinized

2) Alternate social media outlets like Parler and Rumble, which the tech giants DON’T control, are gaining followers and getting noticed

As a last laugh, let’s look at what newspapers (“Those still exist?”) across the country are using to try and brainwash readers:

This message is particularly laughable when you consider these media outlets spent the past four years attacking President Trump at every turn.

While the LSM hopes conservatives will get amnesia and fall in line behind the Trojan Horse, we remain committed to keeping the balance between the liberal tripe and the truth.

Keep fighting for your voice to be heard! There is strength in numbers…

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