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The ‘woman in the wings’ who’s dangerous as, or crazy like, a fox
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 30th November 2020
Is she standing by her man, or standing out of the way while the liberals and progressives use her husband as a ‘Trojan horse?’ Time will tell. (Photo Credit: Time.com)

Dr. Jill Biden is, admittedly, a very smart woman.

Anyone who doubts that can ask her or her staunch supporters. They will remind you constantly about how intelligent she is.

But it isn’t her intelligence we’re questioning.

It’s her integrity.

Did the wife of President-elect Joe Biden, or any of her campaign handlers/supporters (including former President Obama), know that there might be a problem with Mr. Biden’s cognitive ability?

As the saying goes, “A good man has to got to know his limitations.”

That should include the good woman who has been standing behind (or leading around) that supposedly good man.

One has to wonder if Mrs./Dr. Biden has another agenda—her own. 

Many of us believe that Joe Biden will not finish his first term. He often appears lost in a fog while struggling to say the words scrolling on his teleprompter.

And when that teleprompter malfunctions, he suddenly starts drowning in a sea of confusion.

Unlike the lamestream media that has given him a pass at every turn, the year 2020 has not been kind to Mr. Biden. But he didn’t need to be on his game, or even aware of the game, with all the help he received—whether it was deserved … or even true.

We firmly believe the race for the White House in 2020 was about one thing and one thing only—RACE!

The proof is in the photos.

Some of our readers may question us playing the race card. Sorry, but former President Obama lit, stoked, and fanned those flames during his eight years in office. He was, without a doubt, the most divisive president in our nation’s history.

And those flames were then carried forward by his lackeys to light up the 2020 presidential campaign. Obama continued to spur racism while campaigning for Joe Biden.

The two videos below may help explain that our point a little more. They certainly capsulize this year’s presidential race.


You can tell who has a straight face when speaking about matters of the process behind the words.

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