After spending eight years together, how could Obama have no clue about Biden’s condition?
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 27th November 2020
Who knew what and when? Those are some poignant questions that will need answered in the coming days, weeks, and months. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

No matter your political ilk, what made America great was one word: truth!

Sometimes it can be hard to find, but—like a slow drip of water—it will find a way to be noticed.

However, if the truth is hidden or distorted, there is a terrible price to pay for those who choose deception to push some distorted agenda usually involving themselves.

Sometimes it takes a while to either climb that mountain or sink into the abyss of darkness.

Before I begin the story of what I believe to be the most vicious potential crime purported upon a population, country, or people in general, we need to think about who is looking to gain ‘the first seat in the lifeboat.’

In fact, if you take a moment and think about the greatest film ever made, Titanic, something may click in the back of your mind … unless your own morality is warped.

Now to the point of this madness.

As the saying goes, please allow me to introduce myself. I am a 72-year-old white male and retired police officer. I am a registered Democrat, but I believe in an individual’s right to make decisions, especially those that may forever alter the world we all live in.

I have also been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. My symptoms began about eight years ago. One of the most beloved actors of our generation, Michael J, Fox, also has this disease. A Parkinson’s patient must be proactive in their treatment. From the moment you get the diagnosis, folks, life as you know it is basically altered until the day you die.

You see, there is no cure for Parkinson’s, and it is a progressive degenerative brain disorder. I suspect anyone who received this devastating diagnosis would, like me, spend their days researching, watching many hours of videos from Johns Hopkins, the Mayo Clinic, and any other Parkinson’s related material on YouTube.

To this day, I recall the thousands of police training items that emphasized the words, “be observant.” If the truth is either hidden or destroyed, one cannot be certain of other observations.

As time moves on, through our own vision and the vision of those who still believe in the truth, the obvious may appear.

You see, sadly, we can’t ‘do it together’ like Joe Biden has asked. Why? Because there are not enough of ‘us.’

In fact, there are only about 1 million total of ‘us’ in the United States.

I am referring to people suffering through one of the most vicious and debilitating diseases one could get—Parkinson’s.

Yes, I believe Joe Biden and I are connected through this horrible disease.

Now I am quite sure that there might be just a few who, if they knew that VP Biden had Parkinson’s, might have rethought their vote. As it stands now, many of the country’s votes seemed to have come from the woke progressive/socialist/Democratic/Antifa/BLM side.

Maybe, had they not been so focused on rioting, burning, and looting, they might have done some research and gotten a clue. Sadly, the left is now facing the possibility they may have fought a battle for a man to lead them who may not even know where he’s at.

It is a legitimate question to ask the President-elect if he has Parkinson’s disease. For those who know the symptoms, there are plenty of clues. Michael J. Fox’s diagnosis came after his doctor noticed his pinky finger trembling during a routine physical.

The changes for me started many years ago. Like the old Three Stooges sketch “Slowly I Turn” – step-by-step, inch by inch, I started down the disease’s path.

I had a strong feeling that I had Parkinson’s following my own tremor-related event. While having lunch one day after playing golf, I had a tremor in my hand. Every time I tried to eat, the shaking would worsen. At first, I thought it was just anxiety. Later that evening, the couple I was having lunch with called me and said they felt I had Parkinson’s. Even though these people are some of my best friends, our bonds were made on the golf course.

Like Stalingrad’s famous battle, where the Russians used snipers to inflict terrible losses among the invading German sixth Army before realizing what was taking place either through denial or fear, a Parkinson’s patient has lost the war even before the battle has begun. The outcome is certain. The suffering is terrible. And, to add insult to injury, you can die from another disease while still in the throes of Parkinson’s.

And there is no cure.

As my disease became more debilitating, I noticed an old friend from my police career one day in the supermarket. It was a hot summer day, so he was wearing a golf shirt. His right hand and arm were shaking almost uncontrollably. It was a sad scene because I knew what would lie ahead for my former colleague.

As the saying goes, “It takes one to know one.”

But I can’t be the only person who thinks Joe Biden has Parkinson’s, can I?

It turns out I’m not:

The sad thing about this issue is the people who knew, or had to know, there was something wrong with the VP. It reminds me of those videos taken in dysfunctional cities like New York where victims of crime are laying on the ground badly injured while others walk by the victim with barely a glance.

That’s all I will say on this topic … for now. The nation should be outraged at this cover-up. Sadly, we’re left to watch Joe Biden, potentially the most powerful man in the world, is deteriorate right before our eyes.

Coming soon, I will look at the consequences of this heinous act.


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