Franchot wants to use ‘Rainy Day Fund’ to provide stimulus to Marylanders, but at what cost?
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 3rd January 2021

There’s more political posturing taking place at the top of the Maryland State Government, folks.

Shocked? You shouldn’t be. In fact, we’re starting to get used to this stuff.

This latest drama features a locking of horns between RINO Governor Larry Hogan and the man who wants to be Hogan’s successor, Comptroller Peter Franchot.

Here’s the story as reported by One America News Network, one of two choices for actual news now that FOX FAUX News has jumped the shark.

Md. state comptroller proposes state-level stimulus plan

We get that Marylanders are hurting, and we support efforts to help those who have been hit hard by the pandemic.

We’ve also seen that the idiots in Washington Congress are unable to come to the rescue again with a larger helping hand for the nation.

We also get that the ‘Rainy Day Fund’ Franchot is planning to raid may be seen by many as appropriate for this state-level stimulus plan, since the pandemic has been more like “a tornado, a hailstorm, a hurricane, and a tsunami all at once,” according to Franchot.

But before we get all excited about the man who wants to be our next governor coming to the rescue with a bunch of $2k checks in hand, let’s think about the repercussions of draining the Rainy Day Fund.

First, the rainy day fund is used to keep the state’s bond rating high for borrowing money. Given Gov. Hogan’s penchant for sweetheart deals that benefit his wife’s native South Korea and Korean business owners, Maryland will need to keep borrowing money.

Second, the fund could be used to pay for state budget short falls next year from this year’s economic stress. If the money isn’t there to make up for the shortfall, the state will most likely raise taxes. We’re already one of the highest taxed states as it is.

Meanwhile, Gov. Hogan is also thumping his chest in an attempt to seem like a hero. Here’s what Hogan’s office had to say:

In addition to the $600 million in emergency economic relief the state has provided, he will pursue a larger stimulus relief package when the General Assembly returns for the 2021 session.

It’s anyone’s guess what will end up happening, but for many Marylanders it may be a case of “too little too late.”

Let’s just hope that this latest p***ing contest between our RINO-in-chief and his wannabe Democrat successor doesn’t end up bankrupting the state.

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