Johnny O pats himself on the back while shoveling fertilizer regarding COVID-19 vaccinations
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 19th January 2021
Baltimore County Executive Johnny Olszewski urged residents to “get in line” to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. But those lines will keep getting longer if people are allowed to cut in without justification. (Photo Credit:

Folks, if only there was a vaccine for politicians that would stop them from spreading lies, half-truths, or other forms of ‘fertilizer.’

On Tuesday, Jan. 19, Baltimore County Executive “Commie Johnny” Olszewski took to his soapbox to proclaim how wonderful his jurisdiction has been when it comes to COVID-19 vaccinations.

If only that were really the case.

We’d like to take issue with a few particular points from Johnny O’s diatribe.

First, he urged residents to sign up for ‘their eventual place in line’ to get the coronavirus vaccine. According to, “Maryland entered Phase 1B of its vaccination strategy on Monday, with Phase 1C to follow next Monday. Only seniors and essential personnel are getting the shots in the next few weeks.”

If that were truly the case in Baltimore County, we’d applaud the county executive. But our hands are not making a clapping motion.

There are plenty of anecdotal stories of people who have received the vaccine that aren’t seniors or essential workers.

For example, MedStar Health chose to vaccinate members of its staff that don’t fall into either of those categories. Photos on social media clearly show people getting vaccinated who said they work for such ‘essential’ departments like Digital Marketing or Patient Experience and are working remotely.

We’re not going to post those pictures, but we have them (with name badges displayed as proof) in case someone from MedStar wants to challenge this.

Why doesn’t Johnny O speak up about this? Is he afraid to upset one of the area’s largest employers by calling out the hypocrisy of vaccinating people who clearly don’t meet the phase 1-A or 1-B criteria? Clearly, the county executive should serve the general public’s interests first, right?

Nope. Not this administration. Instead, money talks while the rest of the ‘peasants’ wait in a line that grows longer by the day.

But we’ll digress on that for now.

We also take issue with this whopper that spewed from Johnny O’s mouth during his self-aggrandizing press conference:

“Our staff are working around the clock and addressing problems on the fly to vaccinate as many people as possible as quick as possible.”

We find that very hard to believe. To our knowledge, outside of public safety and corrections, there aren’t any county offices operating on a 24/7 basis. We discovered this before when we took the county to task for thinking COVID-19 kept 9-5 hours.

Even with the nine Maryland National Guard members helping to provide clinical and logistical support, we seriously doubt that Baltimore County is burning the midnight oil to increase the number of vaccinations.

Can we really call someone at 2:00 am and get answers, Mr. County Executive? Is someone working late every night or early every morning to deal with the situation?

We’d ask for proof, but our emails to Mr. Olszewski always go ignored.

Lastly, we will give credit where it is due and applaud the county for having the highest vaccination rate in the state. They’ve done well with having both an online and phone registration system for vaccinations, meaning people without computers, internet, or smartphones can still get in line for their COVID shot.

But all that will mean nothing if people continue to jump forward in line because they’re allowed to do so without a peep from the county executive.

After all, fair is fair. Isn’t that right, Comrade Olszewski?

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