Is Biden’s gender beatdown a slap in the face for women’s rights?
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 23rd January 2021
In the same week that the Biden administration made history with the first female VP, the hashtag #BidenErasesWomen is trending. But maybe we shouldn’t blame Joe since he probably didn’t even know what he was signing. (Photo Credit:

So much for pledging unity, eh folks?

Just hours after his administration made history with the first female VP, the “Parkinson’s President” stirred up a s**tstorm by laying the smackdown on decades of feminism progress.

On his first day in office, President Joe Biden signed an executive order that will roll out a host of transgender protections, but critics are slamming him for revoking current protections for women based on their sex.

One such protection is a sweeping change that will allow biological males to compete in women’s sports on all levels.

How can that go wrong, you might ask? Check out the following graphic:


But this goes far beyond sports, folks.

Yet another divisive debate is raging between transgender citizens/advocates and those who share a different viewpoint on the new federal mandate. As is typical, anyone opposing the executive order is being labeled “transphobic,” but that is far from the truth.

Women’s rights groups, which have been waging wars for equality for decades, have weighed in with some very solid facts.

Meanwhile, other groups who have been fighting for LBGT rights have also weighed in on the seriousness of the matter:

This goes a step beyond what our Progressive county executive, Johnny O, pushed back in 2019. Now that things are taken many steps further thanks to Biden’s order, how will our county executive react when his daughter is forced to share restrooms and locker rooms with biological males who identify as female?

Will Johnny O be perfectly OK with the situation in the spirit of diversity and inclusion, or will he have some reservations? (We’d email him and ask, but that always goes nowhere.)

At the end of the day, folks, the Biden (Harris) Administration has no intention of actually promoting unity in this country. That’s all a smoke screen to mandate that people follow his orders without question.

Maybe we shouldn’t blame Joe. After all, he probably had no idea what he was signing.


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