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Which side will Johnny O turn his back on in the LGBTQ inclusion debate?
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 1st February 2021
Johnny O is fine parading his family around to garner voter support, but will he choose to protect his family and go against the Biden administration’s recent LGBTQ diversity executive order? (Photo Credit: Johnny Olszewski’s Facebook Page)

Our Progressive Democratic county executive, Johnny O, is no stranger to choosing sides.

He chose to back BLM over his own nationally accredited police department. He marched with protesters and raised his fist in a show of solidarity. And he turned a blind eye as a radical group harassed local business owners and their customers for no good reason.

There wasn’t much controversy when Johnny O announced in December 2019 that he was issuing an executive order creating the Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Community Advisory Council.

When he addressed the council members in September 2020, his remarks focused on racial equality, specifically the police reforms he enacted following “[t]roubling traffic stop data.”

But now that a controversial topic has arisen from the top of his party, we’re curious to see on which side of the diversity and inclusion debate Johnny O will land.

As we covered before, the Biden administration’s executive order that provides transgender equality has stirred up plenty of division and controversy.

One one side of the debate are transgender people who have been given protection from discrimination at the federal level. But that protection extended to some touchy areas, such as allowing them to use the same bathrooms, locker rooms, and changing rooms as the gender with which they identify.

That part doesn’t sit well with some LGBTQ groups who have data that shows why such “protections” can actually harm what are now known as “cisgender females.”

Meanwhile, our “Parkinson’s President” has also given transgender athletes the freedom to compete in sports that coincide with their gender identity. That means that biological males can now play women’s sports, which has stirred up quite a bit of controversy with “cisgender” females.

Here’s where the rubber will meet the road, folks.

We don’t know where Johnny O, or his diversity/inclusion council members, stand on these issues. The council hasn’t met since Biden took office, and it’s unclear when they actually last met. Only agendas have been posted for the November and December meetings; no minutes for those meetings have been released.

Meanwhile, “family man” Johnny O will have some difficult choices to make. He’s been happy to parade his wife and daughter in front of the cameras for his own political gain, but will he stand and smile at the cameras when biological males share bathrooms, locker rooms, and changing areas with them?

Also, will he be comfortable with his daughter eventually competing against biological males in sports? Will the diversity and inclusion angle help him accept her possibly losing out on a playing opportunity because a biological male takes her spot on a team?

Make no mistake, folks. Johnny O will have to choose a side on this. He can’t claim to want diversity and inclusion without leaning toward one side or the other.

So, will he blindly follow the radically progressive agenda being pushed by the White House? Or will he push back against the LGBTQ community and side with cisgender females who seek single-gender safe spaces and sports teams?

Our county executive has proven time and again that he’s not one to stay in the middle when it comes to controversial topics. We’re just waiting to see which side he’ll turn his back on this time.


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