Hopeless Hogan changes from a RINO to a ‘hypo'(crite)
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 14th February 2021
Is he a RINO or a HYPO(crite)? Amazingly, our governor manages to be both … all in the hope of getting himself into the Oval Office. (Parody photo: The Baltimore Post)

Presidential hopeful (or more like ‘hopeless’) Larry Hogan took to the airwaves to weigh in (pun intended) on the second acquittal of former President Donald J. Trump.


Our RINO governor doesn’t get it. Never has, never will. And now he just comes off as a cross between a RINO and a ‘hippo’—as in ‘hypocrite.’

Hogan keeps pushing himself as this ‘Great White Hope’ moderate who can heal the rift between the liberals and conservatives to get things done. Yet he opens his mouth and pushes away those representative of the 75 million voters who wanted Trump to stay in office.

Hogan was never a fan of Trump’s bluntness, yet Hogan took a few pages from the Trump Twitter playbook when he started firing back at his own critics.

All we can say to future voters is, “Don’t you believe it.”

We see Hogan for what he really is: a ‘Great White DOPE‘ who can’t effectively manage a small state like Maryland, let alone the entire country. He’s more interested in securing sweetheart deals for companies in his wife’s home country than actually taking care of Maryland, all while blaming the Trump administration for his own shortcomings.

Eventually, Hogan won’t be able to blame Trump for everything, but we’re pretty sure he’ll just unleash his venom on the “Harris administration with Joe Biden” — all in the name of bipartisanship.

We’re still counting the days until his reign over Maryland ends … and the clock starts ticking for his 15 minutes of fame to be up on the national stage.


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