When green (energy) turns to black (out), taxpayers end up turning blue
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 16th February 2021
It’s too bad the hot air from politicians and environmentalists can’t be used to defrost frozen wind turbines in Texas. (Photo Credit: The Daily Telegraph)

Folks, we’re going to give a great big “we told you so” regarding all of this Green Energy nonsense.

Nearly three years ago, we reported on the political cronyism and corporate welfare surrounding the project to build offshore wind turbines at Tradepoint Atlantic.

We showed evidence that these wind turbines are often more trouble than they are worth, considering the expense of building and up keeping the darn things.

Especially when you consider the fact that they don’t produce as much power as everyone thinks.

And now the residents (and taxpayers) in Texas are feeling blue (literally) because their green energy has produced nothing but blackouts during a severe winter storm.

Tucker Carlson Tonight on Fox News had the best take on the idiotic push for more green energy:


Sadly, we’re told that the offshore wind project at TPA is still in the plans. After all, with all of the energy tax credits the billionaire owners of TPA are going to get, how could they not keep plugging away to put the ghastly turbines in everyone’s view.

Hopefully there’s a good backup plan for when a severe winter storm hits our area, which happens a lot more often than it does in Texas.

Otherwise, TPA will be left in the dark and feeling blue, too.


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