Former MD Lt. Gov./GOP chair and total RINO says “SEE YA!” to Trump supporters
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 22nd February 2021
Former Maryland Lt. Governor and Republican National Committee chair Michael Steele would rather kick people out of the GOP than have the party change its ways. (Photo Credit: NY Daily News)

At least the RINOs are starting to show their true colors, which hopefully will lead to their extinction.

This time, the RINO attached to Maryland is former Lt. Gov. Michael Steele, who also happens to be the former chairman of the Republican National Committee.

Mr. Steele took to the liberal MSNBC airwaves to say that conservatives who support Donald Trump should leave the Republican Party.

“Bitter, party of one.”

Here’s an interesting tidbit from The Hill about Mr. Steele’s ridiculous statement:

Steele was referring to a new Suffolk University-USA Today poll released Sunday that found 46 percent of Republicans would abandon the GOP and join a Trump party if the former president decided to create one.

Only 27 percent of respondents said they would stay with the GOP, with the remainder indicating they are undecided.

Real conservatives are seeing through this wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Or, more accurately, this Progressive/Democrat in Republican’s clothing.

What Mr. Steele is forgetting is that 75 million Americans voted for Donald Trump in the last election. That is a higher vote total than any incumbent President received in history.

Not to mention that only 27 percent of GOP members said for certain that they would stay with the party. That is NOT a confidence booster for the now minority party in both the House and Senate.

We wish that RINOs like Mr. Steele who turn their backs on real conservatives and throw their support for the Harris Biden presidency would stop pretending to be Republicans and move over to the liberal side of the fence.

With idiocy like this, it’s no wonder why former President Trump is rumored to be forming his own political party.

If the rumors are true, we’re certain the new party will put the tired, sad, and outdated GOP out of its misery.


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