March comes in with more lyin’ from Hiddin’ Biden
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 2nd March 2021
Our so-called Commander-in-Chief is MIA in more ways than one these days. (Photo Credit: The National Pulse)

There’s an old idiom about March’s weather: “In like a lion, out like a lamb.”

When it comes to March’s political climate, would that saying be: “In with more lyin’, out with a sham?”

The Kamala Harris with Joe Biden Administration promised more openness and transparency, but so far that has been an outright lie.

First, it has now been more than 40 days since Biden took office, but he has yet to hold a single press conference.

And that streak does not look like it will end soon:

The White House also won’t release Biden’s daily schedule to the public, and there are no plans for a State of the Union address.

That’s about as transparent as mud, folks.

We’ve called him “Hiddin’ Biden” before when he stayed in his basement during most of the 2020 campaign, but now he’s taken the moniker to a new level. He’s hiding more than himself these days.

For instance, he’s now hiding who’s been virtually visiting the White House:

Meanwhile, the administration’s reversal of President Trump’s “America First” policies are putting more Americans in danger, like people living near the southern U.S. border:

Meanwhile, the mainstream lamestream media continues to give him free pass after free pass, praising his administration as if it were the second coming and telling everyone what a good job ol’ Slow Joe is doing:

Meanwhile, not all of the American public is drinking the liberal kool-aid:

Folks, how can someone who has broken so many promises in his first month in office be so popular? It’s simple: the liberal media and tech giants are TELLING you that he is.

And if you question them, prepare to be CANCELLED.

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