Joe Biden and the MASSIVE FRAUD committed against the American people
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 6th March 2021
How could “You’d better call me DOCTOR” Jill Biden have allowed this man to run for political office? (Photo Credit:

Folks, we’re going to give it to you straight with no chaser. A massive fraud was committed against the American people during the last presidential election.

But we’re not talking about mail-in votes showing up by the thousands all across the nation. Remember, the lamestream media and tech giants told us that never happened.

The fraud we’re referring to is the fact that the Democrats put a man in the White House who clearly has diminished mental capacity.

The incidents that are being ignored by the liberal left are continuing to pile up less than two months into the Kamala Harris with Joe Biden administration.

Take this latest gaffe, which shows just how bad Biden’s mental state has gotten:

By the way, if you look at the official White House replay video, that last part has been edited out.

Meanwhile, it has been more than 45 days since Biden took office, and he has yet to address Congress or hold a solo news conference. That is the longest streak of presidential ‘hiding’ in the past century.

Yet again, the excuses mount with no questioning by the solidly left media:

Now there is word that Biden will hold a press conference “by the end of March.”

We’re guessing that will give those who are truly running the country time to change Joe’s meds to get him close to functioning for a 10-minute press conference.

Folks, we’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. Joe Biden is nothing more than a Trojan horse for the Democrats. They’ve known all along that he’s not capable of leading the country, so they used him to get into power and make the decisions for him.

Sean Hannity’s show on FAUX Fox News summed it up very well:

Because anyone who is coherent and not drinking the liberal kool-aid knows that Joe isn’t really in power.

We predicted before that it would be less than a year into his presidency that Kamala Harris and her crew would use the 25th Amendment to pave her path into the Oval Office.

Now we’re thinking that time frame is probably being accelerated since National Guard troops guarding Washington, DC are being extended for another 60 days.

Why do you think that is happening? We believe it is because there will be major backlash when the fraud is brought full circle and Biden is declared mentally unfit and removed from office.

And it all comes back to “You’d better call me DOCTOR” Jill Biden allowing this to happen.

We wonder if whatever she’s getting for selling out her husband is truly worth it.

The countdown clock is ticking, folks. How much longer until the Biden administration comes full circle to become the Harris administration remains to be seen, but we’re convinced the FRAUD will conclude much sooner than later.


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