The world should see the Biden presidency for the FRAUD it is
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 9th March 2021

It’s getting worse, folks. The massive fraud is starting to unravel faster than Democrats had planned, and the nation is starting to take notice.

In the latest (daily) gaffe, the man The Baltimore Post has called “The Parkinson’s President” could not remember the name of his Secretary of Defense, or the name of the most famous DoD building in the nation.

It’s not amusing anymore, folks. It’s just plain sad that they keep trotting him out and making him look more and more foolish every day.

It’s almost like the Democrats are trying to make a case for invoking the 25th Amendment. (wink, wink)

According to a new poll, half the country is now starting to wake up to the massive fraud perpetrated on the American people:


The GOP, in a rare moment of going after the opponent instead of trying to implode, even pointed out how afraid the Biden administration is to put the diminished figurehead in front of a live audience of reporters:

Now we’re being told that Biden will address the nation this week in prime time. That, of course, will take place in front of no live audience (other than his handlers), and he will be reading off a teleprompter while listening to someone in his earpiece telling him what to do.

Anyone who believes this man is in power, or is capable of being in power, is fooling themselves. We won’t be fooled, and we won’t be silent until this blatant fraud is exposed … or removed from office.

The latter scenario may not be any better, though…


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