Straight from the horse’s mouth, ‘Dementia Joe’ tells us who’s really running the show
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 18th March 2021
The amount of time until the ‘master plan’ is put in place and Kamala takes her place in the oval office, but it seems that change will happen sooner than later. (Photo Credit:

We’ve said it, and said it, and said it

Maybe now people will listen.

Joe Biden is NOT running this country. He’s not capable due to seriously diminished mental capacity. And, sadly, he wasn’t capable throughout his entire campaign.

But don’t take our word for it. Take it from the man himself:

Folks, that reeks of “Freudian slip” more than a simple misspeak or verbal gaffe.

The liberals keep pushing it aside as nothing more than simple gaffes from a man who overcame a childhood speech impediment and is tirelessly working hard to battle the mess that the previous administration left.

We’re no longer going to promote the premise that Biden lied to the people. Honestly, we don’t believe he really knows what the truth is anymore, let alone how to bend or break the truth.

We’re calling it like it really is: Kamala Harris and the Democratic Party are running the country from behind the curtain, and they’re eventually going to push Joe out of the way completely to finalize the massive fraud.

Feel free to prove us wrong.

But while you’re looking for proof that Joe Biden is really “all there” mentally and is just occasionally tripping over his own tongue because he’s so spent from cleaning up after the Trump administration, we have a great offer for you:

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