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Posted by Buzz Beeler on 19th January 2017

June 12, 2014 4:44 pm ET

Pols skip VFW meeting regarding poor treatment of our vets

Source: MIA at the VA

The Rosedale VFW almost resembled a battlefield, but one of words rather than weapons. The attendees had come a long way to unload a burden that tore away at their souls, hearts and minds. They vented with a vengeance that included obscenities and tears over the fact that their country deserted them in their time of need. The topic, of course, was the recent VA scandal regarding long wait times, doctored records, and—worst of all—poor treatment of those who served to protect us.

Members of the national VFW were there to listen and offer assistance in securing help for those vets who had been neglected by a system that has already killed hundreds of brave men and women.

These are people who made the supreme sacrifice in service of a nation, which in turn turned its back on those who had served.

One VFW chapter was so angry that it is pushing for a criminal investigation into the abuse. The battle cry was a strong one: “One way or the other, these people will leave … hopefully in handcuffs!”

And now, as Paul Harvey used to say, the rest of the story…

To me, the really sad and disgusting part was that neither Congressman Dutch Ruppersberger nor Senator Barbara Mikulski was present to show their support for those who suffered.

Why would I point this out? Remember that it was Senator Mikulski who brought the treatment of the vets here in MD to the forefront with her interviews in the Sun. That article, one of many, was published in 2013, but what has happened since?

Answer: nothing.

The concern of one of the most powerful Senators in the country lead nowhere, unless you count blowing the lid off of what is now one of the largest scandals in the nation. Simply put, our vets are dying. The corruption inside the VA should have been known to the Senator, as well as Congressman Ruppersberger, who—I might add—is more concerned with the Fort Howard Development and other areas while our soldiers are dying at hands of the VA.

One would think that the VA would be of more interest to the Congressman, since his bio reads: “Congressman Ruppersberger previously served on the powerful Appropriations and Government Reform Committees. He also served on the House Armed Services Committee, where he worked to help keep our country safe and make sure our veterans at home and as well as our warfighters on the frontlines have the resources they need.”

Now that is what they call, in layman’s terms, a CROCK!

The meeting at the Rosedale VFW was important enough that all of the local TV channels were present; WJZ, ABC 2, FOX 45, and WBAL.

Additionally, three local candidates showed (that I recognized)—county council candidate Buddy Staigerwald, delegate candidate Bob Long, and county executive candidate Tony Campbell. What impressed me was that none of the candidates made their appearance a politically opportunistic moment; rather, they all sat there quietly and listened intently. Campbell did reach out to a few people, but he was not overt in his comments.

Democratic candidate Jake Mohorvic issued a press release in support of the vets with information on where they can get help from the VA.

The stories told by the various vets present were powerful and brought others to tears.

One attendee spoke of Agent Orange and the devastation he has incurred as a result. The worst part of this is that the military refuses to acknowledge the true issues of Agent Orange, leaving many soldiers to a lifetime of suffering.

(Blogger’s note: Kind of reminds me of Baltimore County.)

One combat Vietnam vet spoke of his despair in a country that seemed to turn its back on him. He felt as though he was being punished for serving with valor. He cried, cursed, and spoke of a “why go on when no one cares?” attitude. He said there are many more like him—vets who can’t cope with a country that has betrayed them.

He thought of suicide like many before him … who unfortunately succeeded.

Thankfully, members of MD and DC VFWs were on hand—they sat with each vet an offered them the help needed.

It’s a sure bet that Dutch and Mikulski won’t be around for that sort of support. They are great at talking the talk, but when it comes to walking the walk, they are too busy looking for the next photo opportunity.

Personally, if they are looking to “walk the walk,” I would prefer that said walk took them out of town, or at least out of office.

My question to the both of them is, “Where were you when all of this was happening?”

My guess is that the answer has something to do with running their mouths.

For shame…

Update:  It is now reported that the FBI will be investigating the VA.  I just hope it includes the VA’s fleecing of land intended for our veterans.

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