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The stinky lamestream media garbage continues to get piled high and deep
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 5th April 2021
They don’t even try to hide it anymore, folks. The lamestream media will do anything to discredit or silence conservatives, and they’ll do it in blatant fashion without fear of reprisal. (Photo Credit: CBS.com)

The lamestream media doesn’t even try to hide its liberal bias anymore, folks.

The leftist liberal media collusion train keeps rolling down the tracks at a hundred miles per hour, vilifying conservatives left and right.

Here was the latest liberal hit piece aimed at a conservative, courtesy of CBS News and 60 Minutes:

Unbelievable, eh folks? Can you believe that a major news program on a major network used edited footage to make a popular Republican governor seem like a total piece of crap?

Of course you can, because they do so flagrantly and without fear of reprisal. After all, cancel culture mostly works in one direction.

Meanwhile, over on CNN, the liberal mouth that roared and Towson native Brian Stelter used his platform to gush over Hunter Biden’s new book while trashing conservatives who dared to say anything negative about the crack-smoking boy prince.

It’s simply disgusting to watch media outlets spew such garbage in an effort to promote and push the liberal agenda.

We wish we could say that right-leaning media outlets were better, but they sadly are not. FAUX FOX News continues to serve its corporate overlords by going further left every day. Meanwhile, the network’s few remaining conservative personalities are also making the “House of Mouse” happy by moving their best content to the paid service, Fox Nation.

Et tu, Tucker? Et tu?

Sadly, for CBS, the only place one seemingly can turn for actual truth is their sports coverage:

Bravo, Mr. Barkley. Too bad the leftist cancel culture will probably paint a bullseye on your back.

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