More shocking details emerging in TPA worker death coverup
Posted by Buzz Beeler @BeelerBuzz on 11th April 2021
Did Timmy Lee Bates die needlessly because of a series of serious errors and safety violations at Host Terminals/TPA? Sources close to the situation say the tragedy could, and should, have been avoided. (Photo credit: Timmy Lee Bates Obituary)

Following our exclusive coverage of a Dundalk man’s death at Host Terminals/Tradepoint Atlantic, The Baltimore Post has received more shocking information that shows just how deep the coverup of this incident goes.

As is our policy, we are doing our due diligence to check all the information that we’ve received. But, from what we’ve been told by sources very close to the situation, the tragic death of Timmy Lee Bates is something that could, and more importantly SHOULD, have been avoided.

We’re holding the information until everything is verified, but we want to give our readers a little taste of what we’ve learned:

  • Who was operating the equipment at the time of the fatal accident, and was that person qualified to operate the equipment?
  • What material was being loaded into the piece of equipment that failed, and was that equipment rated to handle that material?
  • To what lengths did both Tradepoint Atlantic and union officials go to try and keep people quiet about the fatal workplace accident?
  • Is OSHA even investigating the tragic accident?
  • Why did the local news media completely ignore the story, and what powerful people used their influence ($$$) to squash the story?

We will publish a follow-up story as soon as the information we received is verified. Until then, all we can do is pray for the family Mr. Bates left behind and hope that they finally get justice for his untimely, and completely avoidable, death.

Stay tuned, folks. We’re getting ready to crank up the heat. The powerful may have silenced other media outlets, but those fat cats have absolutely no influence on our coverage.

The Baltimore Post will not be silenced.

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