Handicapping the County Democratic Races
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 19th January 2017

June 20, 2014 3:10 am ET

A running scorecard for the “right side” of the ticket

Source: Handicapping the County Democratic Races

Over the past few months, I have devoted plenty of space in this blog to providing information about the various political candidates … for better or worse. And, in some of those posts, I have given my opinions about various candidates—again, for better or worse.

However, I haven’t flat out made any predictions as to which candidates will be in the victor’s circle, so to speak.

Until now, that is…

So, here is my two cents worth on the Democratic ticket. (Just don’t’ tell the IRS, because I’m sure there is a hefty fee for giving away two cents to all of you.)

County Council District 7

My pick: Buddy Staigerwald

With the retirement of John Olszewski Sr., the 7th District needs a new direction devoid of political connections. Staigerwald has impressed me with his political insight and command presence. He is articulate, and he is beholding to no one. There are no stains on his tie, so to speak.

The rest of the field includes Ron Yeatman, Scott Holupka, Joe DiCara, and Brian Weir. With the exception of Weir, the rest are hard core supporters of the status quo (or the “O” Team), which includes the DRC.

And, for those who think that I am making an uninformed choice here, I checked every website and Facebook page and was extremely dismayed at the lack of detail paid to the issues. I saw little more than a few paragraphs on any complex issue. In fact, even Mr. Staigerwald needs a redo on his platform.

House of Delegates 6th District

My pick #1: Jake Mohorovic

There is no doubt that Mr. Mohorovic is the man for the job. He has the experience, but he has been out of office long enough to cleanse his mind of Martin O’Malley’s agenda. Jake stands alone here in Dundalk and is beholding to no one. He will be the voice of the people. I was impressed with his knowledge of the facts facing the 6th District and his articulation on presenting them.

My pick #2: Rick Roberts

A newcomer to the political arena, Rick will bring some new blood into the veins of the 6th Legislative District. Sadly, Rick’s heath is an issue right now, so a good second choice would be Anna Pearce. She has an uncluttered and unstained mind and may offer an alternative to the taxpayers paying for O’Malley’s march to Washington.

As for the rest of the field, Mr. Crizer has issues and, being a former owner of the Sea Horse, direct ties to the Olszewski liberal agenda. In my opinion, his demeanor is lacking and is not conducive to politics or the people’s business.

Both Mike Weir and Eric Washington are tied at the hip to the Democratic regime that has hastened the rapid decline of Dundalk and the 6th Legislative District.

Nick D’Adamo would be a good choice because he is a hard worker and has the experience.

As for Mr. Harmel, Mr. Foreman, Mr. Campbell, and Mr. Brown, I don’t know enough about them to comment.

State Senator, Legislative District 6

My pick: Russ Mirabile

I chose Russ for the obvious reasons. We have had eight years of Olszewski rule, and I predict the decline of Dundalk will continue. Russ is putting up a good fight, for which I give him credit.

The question remains, though: is it enough to defeat “the King Maker Junior” and the close ties to O’Malley, who is ready to close the door on Maryland and head to the national stage?

County Executive

My pick: Kevin Marron

Mr. Marron likes to refer to himself as “the other Kevin.” Now, realistically, it is a stretch to think that he will have a shot at taking “the real Kevin” down, but stranger things have happened in the political world. (See 1998 Minnesota Gubernatorial Election for an example.)

Unfortunately, access to Mr. Marron’s platform is a challenge. Regardless, we have no other choice until the general election.

Congressional Representative, District 2

My pick: Blain Taylor

There is one issue and one issue only at play here: Dutch has to go!

(Was I clear on that one?)

Mr. Taylor is no stranger to running for office. Unfortunately, for a multitude of reasons, he has not been successful. Mr. Taylor is qualified, but most voters will simply mark their X next to a name they already know—no matter how poor of a choice that is.

Now, when a Congressman tells a reporter (Ben Boehl) that there is little need for a traffic study at Fort Howard (a study that is required by VA, I might add) because seniors don’t drive that much, I find that ludicrous.

Beyond that, the incumbent’s background with Congress is telling. He was a member of the Armed Services Committee and the Intel sub-committee.


My pick: Raymond Boccelli

I judge a man on the amount of work he puts into something, and Mr. Boccelli is no slouch in that department. There are some key issues, as in any political race, so feel free to read and decide.

Clerk of the Court

My pick: Julie Ensor

Julie has been a steady hand in the court, but she needs to update and maintain the IT program.

Judge of the Orphans’ Court

My pick: Bill Evans

Bill is an honest judge. What more could you ask for?

Judge of the Circuit Court, Judicial Circuit 3

My pick: Colleen Cavanaugh

Her father is Judge Pat Cavanaugh, who is one of the best of all time in the county. That, my friends, is all you need to know. The other two choices are a guessing game. To be honest, I have no clue who they are, which actually may be a good thing.

Up next will be my picks for the Republican side of the ballot. Stay tuned…

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