The Baltimore Post Investigates: The sickening silence following a worker’s death at TPA
Posted by Buzz Beeler @BeelerBuzz on 17th April 2021
This is the scene at TPA on the day Timmy Lee Bates of Dundalk lost his life. Since The Baltimore Post broke this exclusive story, our attempts to get more information have been met with silence, stonewalling, and suspicious denials. (Photo Credit: The Baltimore Post/Staff Photographer)

The death of Timmy Lee Bates should have sent shockwaves throughout Baltimore County.

His fatal accident at Tradepoint Atlantic, which was covered exclusively by The Baltimore Post, should have gotten a ton of attention from the news media, political leaders, and the public.

But it hasn’t, which stinks to high heaven.

Especially when you consider how and where Mr. Bates died. We’ve received information about several damning factors, like whether the equipment failure that took his life was caused by negligence and improper procedures.

Mr. Bates, a single father of four, was killed in an industrial incident that could have, and should have, been avoided, according to our sources.

Since then, The Baltimore Post has been leaving no stone unturned to find out why this fatal accident was swept under the proverbial rug.

We’ve called and emailed several state and county politicians, and we’ve either gotten lame answers (‘I didn’t know there was a fatal accident at TPA’), complete stonewalling (‘I’ll have to look into that and get back to you’), or the usual sounds of silence.

It seems nobody has the guts to go on record about what happened to Mr. Bates. Maybe the pols see it as ‘killing the golden goose’ since TPA was touted as this huge boon to our local economy. (Spoiler alert: It hasn’t produced nearly the revenues or number of jobs that were promised.)

Once again, we wonder how our local leaders could be so clueless about the tragic accident. But we suppose that ignorance is bliss, especially when potential campaign funding could be at risk.

Money talks, folks. As evidenced here, money can also keep people from talking, like the media and our so-called local ‘leaders.’

But while others $tay $ilent, we refuse to follow suit. We will continue to investigate the untimely and needless death of Timmy Lee Bates, and we will not rest until everyone who covered up this tragedy is outed.

Those who are keeping quiet should be afraid because others are ready, willing, and able to speak up about the death of Mr. Bates and the conspired coverup that has happened since.

The Post is listening to those who refuse to be silenced, and we will be sure the truth about Mr. Bates’ death is published … because it should.


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