Ranting and raving ‘Mad Maxine’ widens the racial and political divide
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 20th April 2021
Maxine Waters and her despicable actions/words show that she’s nothing more than a troublemaker who wants to widen the racial divide that is hurting this nation. (Photo Credit: Newsweek.com)

It’s beyond the pale, folks, when a member of Congress is so far out of touch with decency and humanity that she causes and/or deepens rifts.

Congresswoman Maxine Waters, who we will refer to as ‘Mad Maxine’ based on her antics, is stirring the pot and widening the dangerous racial and political divide that began with the Obama administration.

For instance, ‘Mad Maxine’ ripped police officers and called for the police to be defunded, yet she relied on them to escort her … to an anti-police ‘demonstration’ (riot)!

You can’t make this stuff up, folks.

But that isn’t the worst of ‘Mad Maxine’ and her antics.

She basically told rioters that they have a free pass should the verdict not go their way.

Even the judge found her comments to be awful.

Remember, folks, that ‘Mad Maxine’ was the one who called President Trump’s advisors and supporters “scumbags” and urged people to harass his cabinet members openly.

This is the type of public servant that needs to be booted out of office. Sadly, her liberal supporters have no problem with what she says. Those hypocrites only have a problem with the words that come from conservative lips.

We believe ‘Mad Maxine’ should be the poster child for term limits. Get these divisive and despicable career politicians out and stop them from ruining our country.


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