The 2.05 billion reasons Johnny O is a complete fool
Posted by Buzz Beeler @BeelerBuzz on 23rd April 2021

Riddle us this, folks.

What do you give a public school system that has:

  • Hired and employed unethical administrators?
  • Wasted tax dollars on no-bid contracts, failed programs, and cronyism/nepotism?
  • Lacked any transparency or accountability for numerous incidents?
  • Implemented and promoted controversial subject matter and anarchism?
  • Played the county executive for a total fool?

Answer: If you’re Johnny O, you give them $2.05 billion.

Let that sink in for a moment, folks.

It seems our county executive, who has been played and ignored by the BCPS leadership, has tried another tactic to get the public schools to ‘play ball’ — he’s trying to buy their loyalty.

Maybe it has to do with the fact that Johnny O is a former teacher. Or maybe it has to do with the fact that Johnny O will run for governor on a platform that paints him as a public education supporter.

No matter what his reasons, ‘Commie Johnny’ appears to be a complete sucker who is wasting tens of millions of OUR tax dollars to give BCPS all the funding it wants.

We find it funny that he’s willing to trust BCPS with this cash windfall when he, reportedly, won’t even trust his own daughter’s education to the public school system. We’re told she attends a private school in Baltimore City, though nobody will go on record to confirm that information.

Johnny O has plenty of justification to ‘roll over and show his belly’ by giving BCPS $2.05 billion, but that’s only if you:

  • Forget the ethics probes that surrounded Dallas Dance and Verletta White while they reigned over the school system with an iron fist.
  • Forget the pornography during a virtual school board meeting that was never really investigated.
  • Forget the other instances of swearing and verbal abuse that took place during other virtual school board meetings.
  • Forget the outright promotion of BLM and critical race theory in the public schools.
  • Forget the 20-something year old sex offender who was allowed to register at a Baltimore County high school and claim several more victims.
  • Forget the total debacle that wiped out BCPS records, put employee and student data at risk, and crippled the school system’s IT infrastructure.
  • And forget the complete lack of accountability and transparency that BCPS administration has demonstrated.

All Johnny O wants you to remember is that he believes BCPS is worth every penny of the $2.05 billion he wants to give them.

When (not if) ‘Commie Johnny’ seeks residence in the governor’s mansion, we hope that the voters of Baltimore County do indeed remember this moment (of total submission to BCPS) and vote accordingly (for Johnny O’s opponent).

He’s given us plenty of reasons—2.05 billion of them, to be exact—why he doesn’t deserve to be a political ‘leader.’

Baltimore County Executive Johnny O won’t give the keys to his daughter’s education to the Baltimore County Public Schools, but he’ll give them more than $2 billion of our tax dollars. (Photo Credit: Facebook)


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