Shame on the right for taking a hard left turn
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 30th April 2021

With conservative views under attack almost daily since the ‘Parkinson’s president’ stole the election took office, one might think that the political right should double down and fight even harder against those spewing the liberal agenda.

Instead, as Fox News host Tucker Carlson said on his program, the Republican Party is being forced to take a hard left turn toward the dark side.

Carlson’s monologue blasted liberal s**t-slinger Frank Luntz, a “smooth salesman” who spews leftist drivel while advising the GOP.

Luntz, who is a good buddy of Kevin McCarthy, is nothing but a liberal masquerading as a top advisor to republican leaders.

The problem is they listen to Luntz, but they stopped listening to the Republican voters.

To that end, Luntz is dangerous, the so-called Republican leadership is even more so.

Folks, we won’t lie—we’ve always hated Luntz with a passion, and we’re thankful that Tucker called him out for the damage he’s doing to congressional Republicans.

Thankfully, not all conservatives are turning their backs on the voters and leaning to the left.

Senator Tim Scott, the South Carolina Republican who gave the rebuttal to ‘Dementia Joe’ following the State of the Union the other night, has quite a few people taking notice of his proud conservative stance.

Meanwhile, liberal idiots like Jimmy Kimmel and Joy Behar have the nerve to lecture Senator Scott about racism.

Specifically, the left is accusing Senator Scott of ignoring ‘systemic racism,’ which is a giant load of liberal crap.

But despite the fact that an articulate, passionate, and dynamic Tim Scott delivered a message that should resonate with Republican leaders, they will continue to pander to the left … all because a liberal wolf in conservative sheep’s clothing like Frank Luntz told them to do it.


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