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Liberal lies lead to long lines
Posted by Baltimore Post Staff Writer on 12th May 2021
The lying liberal lamestream media reported that there were no lines at gas stations, but these motorists seem to be going against the propaganda. (Photo Credit: Fox 45 News)

Folks, we just call them as we see them.

Ever since the ‘Parkinson’s President’ got into office, the liberal left has been celebrating. After all, in their eyes he had to be a better leader than President Donald Trump.



One only needs to look at the long lines to understand the shape this country is in.

What lines, you may ask? There are several:

  • The growing line of illegals piling up at the southern border, waiting for the promises of ‘Uncle Joe’ to come true.
  • The (media says there are no) lines of unhappy motorists trying to fill their vehicles with very expensive gasoline … if there is any to be purchased.
  • The lingering lines of people staying on unemployment because the government has given them no incentive to return to work.
  • The increasing line of foreign nations who have lost respect for our country and its so-called ‘leadership’ and are just waiting for the proper moment to pounce.

Finally, there are the lines of logical, rational people in this country who aren’t buying the liberal lies any longer. The Post is firmly in that line.

‘Dementia Joe’ is killing the country, and his soon-to-be successor, Kamala, is just waiting in the wings for her turn to toss him on the scrap heap. And believe us when we say this country will be far worse with her at the helm.

The liberal lies created this mess, and they keep adding fuel to the fire.

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