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The new face of EVIL: disgusting Squad member compares USA to Taliban
Posted by Baltimore Post Staff Writer on 8th June 2021
‘The Squad’ is a progressive group of know-it-all lawmakers who actually know very little. One of the worst of the bunch, Rep. Ilhan Omar, is taking her hate speech to a new level by comparing the United States of America to a Middle Eastern terrorist organization. (Photo Credit: WCJB.com)

Folks, this topic makes us sick to our stomach.

We’ve told you many times in the past that the infamous ‘Squad’—the progressive group of know-it-all-yet-know-nothing lawmakers led by AOC—were going to cause huge headaches for this nation.

Again, we hate to say ‘we told you so,’ but those are the only words coming to mind right now … other than words of the four-letter variety.

One of the most radical Squad members is Rep. Ilhan Oman. This woman has constantly pushed her radical, anti-American, and anti-Semitic views from day one.

She has spewed hate speech toward our nation, our police officers, our military, our government, and anyone who stands in the way of her quest for dominance.

She continues to reign supreme (in her own mind, at least) despite allegations of entering the country illegally (by claiming her brother was her husband) and keeping her political office through unsavory practices like ballot harvesting and vote purchasing.

Her latest ‘verbal diarrhea’ comes in the form of a comparison. This wretched excuse for a human being had the audacity to compare the United States of America to the Taliban.

Give us a moment while we choke down the vomit that wants to spew out following those disgusting comments.

Her hate speech has drawn the ire of several politicians, and rightfully so.

We stand in solidarity with many patriotic Americans who offer Rep. Oman the following sentiment:


How this disgusting piece of trash got elected to the U.S. House of Representatives is beyond us, folks. We just pray that the liberals who voted for her come to their senses and get her out of office as soon as possible.

Anyone who hates our country as much as Rep. Oman does not deserve to represent it as a member of Congress. She has insulted every American; most of all, she’s insulted those who fought—and especially those who died—protecting us from the Taliban.

Perhaps the only ‘squad’ Rep. Oman should be associated with is a firing squad.

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