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State forces BCPD to comply with Post’s PIA request
Posted by Baltimore Post Staff Writer on 1st July 2021
When he campaigned for Baltimore County Executive, Johnny O promised transparency from his administration and the county as a whole. Despite several smokescreen efforts to appear transparent, The Baltimore Post continues to struggle with getting information. (Photo Credit: Olszewski Campaign)

In a previous column, we let you know of our continued troubles getting information from Baltimore County Police regarding an incident at the White Marsh Mall.

For those keeping track, the score is now 2-1 in favor of Baltimore County, but The Baltimore Post is catching up and poised for a comeback.

The Post recently filed a complaint with the Maryland Public Access Ombudsman’s office. We presented evidence of our PIA request (dated May 2, 2021), our second request, and the complete lack of response by the Baltimore County Police Department and the 911 center.

Shortly after our complaint was filed, we received word from the Ombudsman’s office that someone within the police department would be addressing our request.

And, sure enough, we’ve now gotten an email from BCPD Sgt. Shawn Vinson stating that he will be sending us something soon.

We don’t want to claim victory in this battle just yet, folks. After all, the ‘something’ BCPD promised to send us may not resemble our PIA request.

There’s a reason the idiom says not to count the chickens until they are hatched.

For now, we’re somewhat satisfied that the state was able to step in, hold Baltimore County accountable, and force a bit of transparency from the BCPD.

If we get the audio we requested, we will upgrade our mood to ‘pleased.’

We will let you know what we get when we get it, folks. Stay tuned … and keep rooting for us in this ongoing struggle.

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