Corruption set to run wild (again) when county renders OIG powerless
Posted by Buzz Beeler @BeelerBuzz on 5th July 2021
Which people in this photo stand to lose the most if the Baltimore County Office of the Inspector General is allowed to operate as intended and hold the county leaders accountable? Those are the people who have the most to gain and have been complaining the loudest about the sorely needed oversight the OIG has brought to the table. (Photo Credits: Baltimore County Government/Google Images)

Folks, kudos to The Baltimore Brew for uncovering the story about Baltimore County taking steps to diminish, or destroy, the county’s Office of the Inspector General.

You may remember that we covered this issue before. According to The Brew, it appears those who are most afraid of the OIG will now pass a bill that will alleviate their concerns.

But why are they concerned in the first place? Anyone who has been around long enough knows the answer to that one: “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.”

The roots of corruption run VERY deep in this county. For example, go back 13 years ago when developer John Vontran acquired Dundalk’s Yorkway property from the county for $1.64 million. That was just two years after the county acquired that parcel for a whopping $21 million.

Connect the dots, folks. It’s really not that difficult.

It was incidents like the Yorkway boondoggle that brought an FBI agent named Steve Quisenberry to Baltimore County. At that time, Mr. Quisenberry swore to us that he was going to clean up the corruption in the county.

As we reported earlier this year, Mr. Quisenberry never did make good on his promise to take down the corruption in the county. Instead, he went to work for Baltimore County, oddly enough as Inspector General Kelly Madigan’s deputy in the OIG.

Was it a coincidence that the agent who was investigating the county took a county job (and paycheck)? We will never know, because Mr. Quisenberry certainly won’t answer that … or any of our questions.

Since its inception, the OIG was uncovering waste and fraud throughout the county. Double-dipping pensioners who were rehired and collecting both their pensions and their salaries, heads of agencies who were using shady accounting practices to circumvent spending policies, and staffers who helped themselves to county resources for personal use—Madigan was uncovering all those dirty dealings that have been rampant in the county for so long.

But the IG’s efforts caused certain members of the county council, and the county executive, to get very nervous. Sooner or later, the dots would have been connected right back to several of the so-called leaders in Baltimore County and their cronies.

And that is why the people who have been complaining the loudest will put an end to the oversight and transparency the OIG has brought. This bill will give them the right to handcuff, and eventually fire, Ms. Madigan simply for doing her job.

We have to wonder if Mr. Quisenberry will be waiting in the wings to take the IG post. If/when that happens, the circle will be complete. The man who swore to clean up the county, only to abandon that mission in exchange for a county paycheck, will be in a position to do exactly what he did when he was with the FBI—NOTHING.

Just wait and see, folks. This bill, which will undoubtedly pass (since it was probably decided in a back room long before The Brew brought it to light), will take the corruption reins off for those in power who line their pockets and the pockets of their political cronies.

Once again, Baltimore County will obliterate transparency and plunge into darkness. Every citizen and taxpayer should remember who fought the hardest to take down the OIG and kick them to the curb in the next election. We should not stand for the stench of corrupt politicians … or county employees who will do nothing but follow orders and look the other way in order to keep collecting a paycheck.

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