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Foul wind to stink up Sparrows Point and Maryland shoreline
Posted by Baltimore Post Staff Writer on 5th August 2021
This is what the view from the Ocean City shoreline could look like if the purveyors of a foul wind get their way. (Photo Credit: The Ocean City Dispatch)

Folks, have you ever noticed that politicians use the same bulls**t over and over again when they’re pushing a foul agenda?

We certainly have.

In this instance, the words “job creation” and “clean energy” keep popping up in the lamestream media because nobody is supposed to argue against those things.

Commie Johnny and RINO Hogan were front and center talking about the thousands of construction jobs that will be coming to the area and how the state will diversify its energy portfolio while expanding the economy.

If you dig past the shinny surface, though, you get the foul stench of political cronyism.

We’ve said many times before that the whole US Wind idea is a bad one for Maryland.

Those manufacturing jobs will not last beyond the project. They also won’t employ mostly Baltimore County residents, or even Maryland residents. A lot of those jobs will bring in people from outside the area, and outside the tax base, and won’t benefit us a bit.

There’s more bad news associated with the ironically named US Wind project, folks.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson pointed out the dangers of wind farms.

We’ve said (and said … and said) that these wind farms will be bad for taxpayers in Baltimore County and throughout Maryland. They are noting more than a Trojan horse for all kinds of sweetheart tax deals and environmental problems.

And we’re not the only ones saying this, by the way, lest you think that we have some sort of personal vendetta.

Simply put, the whole US Wind project stinks more than a strong summer breeze past a manure pit on a hot August day.

Most of the wind associated with this garbage is the hot air spewing from the politicians trying to make themselves seem like they’re saving the day instead of fleecing the taxpayers and raping the environment.

Anyone who wants to know just how much windfall these wind farms produce should visit the god-awful state of California. You can’t throw a rock in most parts of the state without hitting a wind turbine, and those wind farms sure haven’t made things better for the fiscal bottom line or energy infrastructure.

This deal isn’t done yet, though. The whole shebang needs approval from the Maryland Board of Public Works. We can only hope that citizens can make enough noise to get the BPW in the right state of mind to stop this nonsense before it is too late.

The lamestream media is too far up the rear ends of the liberal and progressive pols, so it’s up to us, folks.

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