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Did Dutch and the VA do enough for this wounded warrior?
Posted by Baltimore Post Staff Writer on 20th August 2021
Mr. Don Ruth (right) contacted Congressman C.A. “Dutch” Ruppersberger (left) because the former was having serious issues with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. After three years of Dutch ‘advocating’ for the wounded warrior, Mr. Ruth contacted us with another cry for help. That has us wondering if Dutch really did everything he could to help. (Photo Credits: House.gov | VA.gov | Don Ruth)

This is a story that resembles an onion—multiple layers, stinky, and wanting to make you cry the further you slice and dice it.

Our tale begins three years ago. We were contacted by Mr. Don Ruth, a U.S. Veteran and wounded warrior, who was having severe difficulties with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Mr. Ruth’s claims weren’t being paid, and he was losing money and patience.

Mr. Ruth also reached out to Congressman C.A. “Dutch” Ruppersberger, who we’ve written about quite a bit.

According to Mr. Ruth, Dutch’s office took up his cause. Mr. Ruth said Dutch put him “in touch with the bureaucratic side of the VA.” Mr. Ruth was happy about that.

He was not happy with the outcome, though. Despite the ‘help’ from Dutch, Mr. Ruth’s problems weren’t being fixed.

That brings us to the present. Out of the blue last week, we received another call from Mr. Ruth. He said his issues with the VA were continuing. His claim was being denied because “the time limit had long expired.” He pleaded with us to help him.

He also sent us the following video, which we are publishing unedited. This is some very powerful and disturbing stuff, so viewer discretion is advised.


To modify our motto, “You watch; you decide.”

In an attempt to help Mr. Ruth, we contacted Dutch’s office to ask what exactly the congressman had done to help this wounded warrior.

What happened next was downright horrible.

We spoke with Ms. Jaime Lennon, Director of Communications for the congressman, who proceeded to scream, yell, make wild accusations, and brow beat us with extreme prejudice.

She accused us of lying, waging a personal war against Dutch, and publishing untrue statements.

She also told us VERY LOUDLY that Dutch had been an advocate for Mr. Ruth because he is a champion for veterans.

Folks, we’ve been doing this a long time. So long, in fact, that we can remember when communications directors for public servants were polite, professional, and even-tempered.

How times have changed. Quite frankly, Ms. Lennon’s behavior was the most unprofessional discourse we’ve had the displeasure of experiencing since we were yelled at by Aaron Tomarchio from Tradepoint Atlantic.

If she’s a typical ‘elected official spokesperson,’ it’s no wonder people hate politicians.

We finally ended Ms. Lennon’s verbal abuse by hitting the ‘end call’ button, but not before we told her to email us a statement.

Here are her carefully crafted words, as sent to our editor:

Mr. Beeler has a personal vendetta against Congressman Ruppersberger and has no interest in publishing the truth, which is that no one fights harder for our nation’s heroes than Dutch. That includes Mr. Ruth, who sent Congressman Ruppersberger a letter thanking him for our office’s multi-year effort advocating for his VA claim.

Jaime Lennon
Director of Communications
Congressman C.A. Dutch Ruppersberger

This is a typical ‘cancel culture’ response from the liberal left. Attack anyone who dares question them. Make broad and vague statements about how great they are, what wonderful things they’ve done, and how much effort they put forth.

What’s missing is how all that ‘effort’ didn’t help Mr. Ruth. Having staff write a letter or make a phone call is sort-of making an effort, but following through until the mission is accomplished is another thing entirely.

We missed the part about how Dutch wielded his political might to solve Mr. Ruth’s problems … because he didn’t.

To refute Ms. Lennon’s claim, we do not have a personal vendetta against Dutch. We simply publish the truth, whether Dutch likes it or not, and we challenge him and his unprofessional communicator to go through our previous columns and find any false information.

We’ll even give them space on our site to rebut anything we’ve said that isn’t true. Like everyone else, they can have 1,000 words anytime they want to use them.

Honestly, we won’t hold our breath for that to happen.

We’ll end this story for now, but there are more stinky, tear-inducing layers to this onion. Get out the tissues, folks, because we’re going to keep peeling them back.

One final thought before we go. If the public keeps connecting the dots of Dutch’s misadventures—like the recent southern border crisis and the Afghanistan debacle, our ‘esteemed congressman’ may end up changing careers to be a pitch man for ‘snake oil’ products like this:



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