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Dutch ducks & dodges discourse & debate, lacks direction
Posted by Baltimore Post Staff Writer on 28th August 2021

When Dutch Ruppersberger’s communications director ripped into us and made her statement that we have a personal vendetta against the long-time congressman, we had to laugh.

In typical liberal cancel culture fashion, Ms. Jaime Lennon chose to attack us for daring to question Dutch’s integrity. After all, what could possibly lead us to be critical of him?

We have a list…

The Afghanistan nightmare. Tradepoint Atlantic. Wind farms in Maryland. Rising crime rates. The COVID-19 pandemic continuing to hurt people and businesses. The water crisis. People unable to get their mail.

We’ll stop there, folks. This whole page could be nothing but Dutch’s missteps.

Yet ‘Team Dutch’ claimed that we have no desire to publish the truth. We countered that statement and offered Dutch and Ms. Lennon 1,000 words on our site to either dispute something we’ve written or defend the congressman’s actions.

As usual, we received no reply other than the sound of crickets.

Why is he ducking and dodging us and our readers? Simply put, Dutch cannot justify one issue that he’s involved in that actually makes sense.

One case in point, the majority of refugees from Afghanistan were proven to be non-American noncoms, and it was impossible for the GIs, marines, or anyone else at the airport to be vetted properly.

But again, we’ll digress.

Folks, rest assured we do not have a personal vendetta against Dutch … although we would be justified if we did.

Years ago, we interviewed Dutch about the Fort Howard issue. He lied to us blatantly saying he knew nothing about any issue, even though we had sent him a copy of a traffic study report.

But despite his lying and posturing, we’ve treated Dutch fairly.

Hell, years ago we played golf with Dutch and former Baltimore County Police Chief Neil Behan, which proves we’ve had no issue with him and no vendetta against him.

We’re simply critical of his work, and we have every right to be critical. He works for us—the taxpayers.

But we’re not the only ones calling Dutch out for his non-action or missteps:

Once again, we’re repeating our offer. Dutch can have 1,000 words on our site anytime he wants them to say anything he wants about us, or himself, or the job he’s doing.

We will advise our readers not to hold their breath. ‘Debate’ and ‘discourse’ are two words that seem to have slipped out of Dutch’s vocabulary … right along with ‘direction,’ which he is sorely lacking.

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