The Post won’t back down from Dutch’s cancel culture attempts
Posted by Buzz Beeler @BeelerBuzz on 2nd September 2021
Despite his mouthpiece’s claims that we have a vendetta against him and refuse to publish the truth, we aren’t backing down against Dutch and his cancel culture attempts. (Photo Credit:

This is going to be the final shot fired from our side in this battle … at least for now.

You’ve read in the past weeks how we were contacted by a disabled veteran who begged us to help him, despite him also asking for help from Congressman Dutch Ruppersberger.

In that same article, you also read how Dutch’s communications director, Jaime Lennon, ripped into us during a phone call and claimed we had a personal vendetta against the longtime congressman.

We’ve gone back and forth, and even gave Ms. Lennon her promised space on our site.

If we truly had a vendetta against Dutch, would we give her a forum to publish her liberal propaganda?

Of course not. We believe in discourse and debate, folks, while Dutch and Ms. Lennon believe in shouting at disabled people and cancel culture bullying tactics.

With all that said, we’re going to tell you exactly why we have a problem with Dutch, and it isn’t personal.

Just look at the man’s website and you’ll see nothing but liberal mantra garbage. From the homepage where it makes it look like Dutch is sitting on a street in Baltimore (instead of his gated community in a posh section of Baltimore County) and touts all the help he’s given to people to his press releases and statements that toe the liberal line, Dutch does his best to paint himself as a ‘man of the people.’

But in truth, he’s only a man of some of the people. If you’re on the Democrat side of the fence, Dutch is your man.

Folks, that is NOT what an elected official is supposed to be. He’s not here to serve just people in his party. He’s supposed to serve all his constituents, regardless of their political affiliation.

And check out his statements about the whole Afghanistan crisis. Dutch practically trips over himself to give Joe Biden a pat on the back for the whole boondoggle. World leaders have criticized Biden for his mishandling of the whole affair, and people have seen the result of his horrendous actions, including leaving billions of dollars worth of U.S. military equipment for the Taliban to flaunt.

Someone is clearly seen hanging below the chopper as it hovers in the sky, but it is not clear exactly how he is attached or if he is alive. (Photo Credit: New York Post)

Where’s your comment on that photo, Dutch?

Dutch is also pretty silent around his fellow swamp-dwellers these days. If you look on his website, his last statement from the House floor was made in July … of 2018.

That’s what a senior member of Congress should do, right folks? Let everyone else do the talking?

We could go on for days, but we won’t. We’ll end it here.

Are we disappointed in Dutch? Absolutely. He’s been more interested in focusing on partisan politics than fostering real change. He’s been more interested in protecting the rights of illegals than fixing the problems in his own district. And he’s fought back against our criticism by sending his communications pit bull to scream at us over the phone.

As one of the very few media outlets left that doesn’t blindly accept the liberal agenda, we’re going to keep questioning Dutch until the voters wise up and flush him out of the swamp. He’s yet another career politician who does just enough for those on his side of the political fence to keep him in office for another term.

Despite Ms. Lennon’s claims, this isn’t personal, and it isn’t a vendetta. We’re simply calling it as we see it. If Dutch does something for the good of all his constituents, and not just those who drink the liberal kool-aid, we’ll be sure to write about it.

As we’ve said many times in the past, folks, don’t hold your breath waiting for that one. The following idiom exists for a reason.

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