Badly injured former cop, now in hospice, questions Fox News integrity and coverage of Larry Elder’s bid for governor
Posted by Buzz Beeler @BeelerBuzz on 14th September 2021
What do you call someone who shills for products that don’t do what they promise? If Fox News gets its way, you’ll call that person “Governor Elder.” (Photo Credits: Google, Facebook)

Folks, even as a retired cop with one foot in the grave, I knew right away there was something wrong as soon as I saw the commercial.

But before I get to that, I need to set the record straight regarding my allegations. First, I need everyone to understand that I have been a strong supporter of Fox News going back to the Bill O’Reilly days. I have never questioned their authority or any facts coming from their nightly show hosts.

But then I saw it. It was a commercial unlike I had ever seen before … and have never seen again. The ad featured a man in a dark suit coat and a dark shirt. He had a crucifix pinned prominently to the left side of his jacket.

I began to listen closely to what the man was saying. His testimonial painted a picture of him being bedridden for years while basically unable to move. Then, after he took Relief Factor, the man was back to doing his normal everyday routine. He had found a miracle cure.

Sadly, that commercial is no longer available for viewing because I decided to question Mr. Seth Talbott, one of the owners of the Relief Factor concoction. Mr. Talbott also referred to his product as ‘snake oil.’

And there was Larry Elder peddling that snake oil for the entire nation. See for yourself:

Over the past few weeks, Mr. Elder has been prominently featured on Fox News. Tucker Carlson practically coronated Mr. Elder as the next governor of California and told everybody what a great choice he was to take over the governorship once Gavin Newsom was recalled by the voters.

That really has not sat well with me, folks.

Why would Fox News back someone who advertises snake oil on their news programs? I’m sure that when Mr. Carlson had Mr. Elder as a guest he had to know that Elder was part of a multi-million-dollar advertising campaign that was funding Tucker Carlson Tonight.

But there was no disclaimer that Elder was a paid spokesperson on Fox News. There was no disclaimer that Mr. Carlson’s views that Mr. Elder was a perfect choice for CA governor were his own and not those of the network.

Folks, we tried to contact Mr. Carlson and the honchos at Fox News to ask how the network could get away with endorsing a paid shill of a candidate, but we were met with our usual silence.

No replies. No denials. Nothing.

Sean Hannity got into the act as well. Recently during Hannity’s program, Fox News ran a piece about Mr. Elder being assaulted in California by an angry mob.

I thought was kind of strange that it was the first time we’d heard of Mr. Elder being harassed by a mob since he threw his hat into the ring. And it was conveniently at a time when Mr. Elder appeared to be slipping in the polls.

Also, that ‘attack’ on Mr. Elder looked awfully staged to me.

Once again, the network that once claimed to be ‘fair and balanced’ decided that it was better to push a snake oil salesman as a serious candidate because he fit their political agenda.

Should Fox News decide to take this route again in the future, we hope they use a disclaimer before going down that slippery slope. While it may be legal because of the fine print that no one can really read, Fox News should know it is utterly immoral to lead their viewers down the path of deception.

Speaking of fine print, I guess Mr. Carlson needs to add some to his show credits that read, “Host may not be telling the truth.”

Folks, when the liberal media has ignored the facts to push their own agenda, we have called them out on it. And now we’re doing the same to Fox News.

Should Mr. Elder get into office, we’ll know for sure what kind of slimy shill California has for a governor. And we’ll know it was the powerful media giant that turned its head to fleecing the sick and selling them bogus products and pushed him into the governor’s mansion.

And we’re sure Fox News will get millions more in advertising from Mr. Elder and his phony product overlords.

Which is good, since others have wised up and left the network entirely.

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