Johnny O stays mum on the dumpster fire raging in his BCPS money pit
Posted by Buzz Beeler @BeelerBuzz on 16th September 2021
Despite Johnny O throwing a record number of taxpayer dollars into the money pit, the Baltimore County Public Schools remain a complete disaster. What does the county executive have to say about it? NOTHING. (Photo Credit: BCPS / Baltimore Post)

Back in April, we laid out the 2.05 billion reasons Johnny O is a complete fool.

You see, that was when he decided to toss $2.05 billion (with a B) of your hard-earned tax dollars into the money pit that is the Baltimore County Public Schools.

And what did that massive amount of cash get us?

According to a report commissioned by BCPS and Baltimore County, all that dough did nothing. We have the same old broken down school system with the same issues as it had before.

The only difference is less money in the county coffers and more moolah lining the pockets of the incompetent school system’s administrators and funding their ridiculous pet projects.

From an “overstaffed central office” to “poor morale,” the report—which was presented to the school board Tuesday night—was scathing from top to bottom.

In fact, the report actually called the school board “dysfunctional.” We’re sure that went over like a lead balloon at Tuesday’s meeting.

Since the report came out last week, our esteemed county executive has had nothing to say about the findings.

Not a word, a peep, or a thought. Absolutely nothing.

Wasn’t he the one screaming about transparency when it came to the county schools? Yet, when the report that was partly paid for by the county shows that the school system is a complete and utter mess despite receiving record funding from good old ‘Commie Johnny,’ his excellency is nowhere to be found.

The lack of transparency is disgusting. The waste of taxpayer money is absurd. And the silence about his complete idiocy is deafening.

Folks, the county executive is up for re-election soon.

We hope you’ll remember him tossing $2.05 billion of your tax dollars into a raging dumpster fire when you go to the polls.

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