Biden operatives try to make the feeble-minded president seem tough by attacking border patrol officers
Posted by Buzz Beeler @BeelerBuzz on 25th September 2021
We’re now supposed to believe that the cognitively impaired dementia patient in the Oval Office can be more than a patsy for his Progressive and Democratic overlords? (Photo Credit: Chicago Tribune)

Back during his administration, President Trump was constantly taken to task for speaking out bluntly about various issues.

He pulled no punches and received constant criticism for ‘making things up’ or ‘stoking the fires’ that further upset snowflake liberals and made them reach for their security blankets and coloring books.

Since January, we have had a cognitively impaired leader in the Oval Office who was, frankly, unable to string too many coherent sentences together. However, the ones that did make sense simply put blame on the Trump administration, or the Republicans in general, for everything wrong in the nation.

In recent months, the script writers for ‘Dementia Joe’ have tried to give him more of a backbone, especially when he’s blasting people for not putting experimental vaccines in their bodies.

In his latest attempt to appear tough, Biden condemned the actions of border patrol agents who were supposedly caught in the act whipping immigrants at our southern border.

Except they didn’t, as Fox News host Tucker Carlson points out in the clip below.

How else can Democrats continue to win elections other than flood the country with illegals and give them the right to vote?


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