Is the racist NFL trying to ‘fix’ itself?
Posted by Buzz Beeler @BeelerBuzz on 28th September 2021
Between the kneelers, the cheaters, and the juicers, the NFL has lost a lot of its audience over the past few years. Are they turning to pro wrestling’s playbook to try and win back fans? (Photo credit:

Folks, I saw it coming even before the kickoff to the Ravens on their last set of downs.

What happened, in my opinion, was the NFL saw a solid chance to make history with the two of the top stars in the league.

How great would it be to give Lamar Jackson a chance to throw a bullet to a wide open receiver and then give Justin Tucker a chance to make a record-setting field goal.

No big deal if he doesn’t make it, but huge news all around the nation if he does.

So the officials then shockingly turn their backs on any type of offensive infraction to allow that scenario to unfold.

Folks, there is no defending that blatant rule breaking.

If you read between the lines, given the setup mentioned earlier, you can understand why the shenanigans happened. I’ve seen too many times in the past few years when the team that needs to win finds a way on the last set of downs.

Almost like they were following a script, right?

But why would the NFL have to turn to the pro wrestling playbook and script the endings for certain games?

Could it be because they lost a ton of their audience starting with the whole ‘kneeling for the national anthem’ debacle?

Or could it be that they’re continuing to alienate their audience with blatant racism and segregation?

Maybe Roger Goodell should call Vince McMahon of the WWF/WWE to get advice about how to gain back an audience. Wrestling has been doing it for years.

At the very least, the NFL should look to hire some of Vince’s script writers. Maybe that way we’ll get better, and less predictable, endings to games.


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