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Remembering a former county executive who fought against the entrenched corruption
Posted by Baltimore Post Staff Writer on 8th October 2021
Former Baltimore County Executive Ted Venetoulis passed away at age 87. He is best known for his efforts to ‘right the ship’ after his two predecessors were indicted on corruption charges. (Photo Credit: Baltimore County Government Flickr/Maryland Matters)

Former Baltimore County Executive Ted Venetoulis passed away on Wednesday, October 6. He was 87.

According to Maryland Matters, Mr. Venetoulis only served one term as county executive, but his term was highlighted by his pledge to “throw the rascals out” after his two predecessors—Spiro T. Agnew and Dale Anderson—were indicted on federal corruption charges.

We find that quality particularly inviting concerning the long line of swamp dwellers, corporate cronyism pushers, and developer darlings we’ve seen in that office.

And yes, our present county executive is included in that bunch. Don’t get us started about his ‘transparent as mud’ administration.

Mr. Venetoulis is also known for having the first female running mate on a statewide ticket. In his failed bid to be Maryland Governor, his running mate for Lt. Governor was Anne Arundel County Councilmember Ann Stockett.

He may have been known as a publicity hound, but he was one county executive who always made it seem like the citizens and taxpayers were first on his agenda.

Don’t get us wrong—we had our beefs with Mr. Venetoulis, especially when his Times Publishing Group ended up getting swallowed up (and pooped out) by the Baltimore Sun. But he did spend plenty of years trying to bring the Sun back to local ownership.

Too little, too late on that front.

Folks, when we say that we long for the good old days, Mr. Venetoulis is one of those blasts from the pasts that we’d like to bring back. We’d be happier with someone who focused more on being a publicity hound and less on doing the bidding of others while in the county’s top office.

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