Johnny O-blivious to what’s really causing issues in Baltimore County
Posted by Buzz Beeler @BeelerBuzz on 10th October 2021
Johnny O continues to ignore the real issues in Baltimore County, choosing to blame problems on everything from stray cats to mental health. (Photo Credit: Baltimore Sun)

There’s no other way to say it, folks. Baltimore County Executive Johnny O is out of touch with the real causes of the county’s issues.

Last week really showed that the “O” in Johnny O stands for oblivious.

First, he turned his attention to a ‘major issue’ plaguing the county—stray cats.

Let’s get this straight. We’re still in a pandemic. County employees are being forced to vaccinate, regardless of their personal or religious beliefs. Crime is rampant throughout the county (more on that shortly). And the county executive decided it would be prudent to “responsibly address the number of feral cats in our communities.”

We can’t make up this stuff, folks.

Here’s a suggestion: why doesn’t Johnny O focus on the fat cats rather than the stray cats? Worry more about the elitist animals that have been rummaging through the Baltimore County taxpayers’ pockets for decades than the furry animals that rummage through residents’ trash cans looking for food.

That, of course, could really hurt campaign donations, so you know that won’t happen.

Then, later in the week, Johnny O-blivious piled on when the Baltimore County Police Department (BCPD) uncovered a hidden trend that explains why the county’s crime rate continues to rise.

In that article, our county executive completely ignored issues with BCPD leadership and, in fact, admitted the police can’t handle the surge in crime:

As we confront these losses, we recognize that we have experienced significant mental health-related violence this year— including two shocking mass shootings. Preventing these types of incidents cannot be done by law enforcement alone, which was why we have already taken action to expand behavioral health supports. Meanwhile, we have also launched a multi-departmental place-based initiative in the Essex community — a community which has historically faced unique public safety challenges.

In an about-face from the way he handled the problems in the county schools, Johnny O-blivious is putting additional tax dollars toward mental health professionals and community policing efforts.

Rather than fix the problems in BCPD, this genius is passing the buck to the community and the mental health professionals.

Like we said, we just can’t make up this stuff.

These are just some recent examples of Johnny O being out of touch with what’s really going on in Baltimore County.

We can only hope that his being out of touch will mean that Johnny O’s reign over the county will be out of time.

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