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Whose pockets are Dutch and Johnny O lining from ‘dirty’ clean energy projects???
Posted by Baltimore Post Staff Writer on 22nd October 2021
He claims the energy is clean, but does Dutch know just how dirty those foul wind turbines will make things? Or is he well aware but unwilling to do anything because these ‘green’ projects keep the $$$ flowing to his campaign coffers? (Photo Credits: Dutch Ruppersberger Facebook/Getty Images)

According to a new report, ‘clean’ energy is a downright dirty industry that lines the pockets of political cronies with plenty of taxpayer dollars.

We covered the story before about the new wind turbine debacle at Tradepoint Atlantic. Make sure you read the articles linked in that story.

Back in March, Congressman Dutch Ruppersberger and Governor Larry ‘RINO’ Hogan were on hand at TPA spewing hot air about how wonderful wind power is.

Tell that to the people of Texas, who had to go weeks without power because of frozen and failed wind turbines.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson provides more detail on the wind turbine disaster in Texas for his new ‘Originals’ series on the Fox Nation paywall service. READ THE STORY HERE

Here is a snippet from Tucker’s piece on these dirty wind farms:


There is an interesting quote from Tucker’s story that tells a lot about what’s really happening:

“This is not about the environment. This is not about climate change. This is not about getting us off fossil fuel. This is not about reducing our emissions,” asserted Linowes. “This is purely about money. That’s why these projects are being built. There’s an enormous amount of money. It’s JP Morgan, it’s Goldman Sachs –- they are heavily involved in expanding wind energy in this country.”

Meanwhile, Baltimore County Executive ‘Commie Johnny’ Olszewski is still pushing forward with his plans to make the county 100% green by 2026.

As covered in The Sun back in April, Baltimore County hired Silicon Valley-based SunPower Corp. to install solar panels at two landfills, the county’s first large-scale solar projects. The story claimed that the energy produced by the solar arrays was “expected to power 35% of the county’s energy needs” and is “part of Olszewski’s push to invest in more environmental sustainability initiatives.”

Now, before you go celebrating that drivel, you should look deeper into the facts that appear elsewhere in the article:

  • The county didn’t pay for the solar arrays, but still has to buy the power from SunPower Corp.
  • The developer gets financial benefits, such as tax credits and income from the sale of electricity.
  • The solar project will only provide enough power for 5,500 homes. (How is that 35% of our energy needs???)

This is nothing more than another pet project that looks good on the surface but stinks to high heaven once you dig a bit deeper.

Folks, there are many concerns about these renewable energy projects—lower property values, environmental impacts, and reliability issues are just the tip of the iceberg.

But Dutch, Hogan, and Johnny O will keep pushing these projects forward.

We wonder why…

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