Johnny O handcuffs IG office but lets county schools run wild
Posted by Buzz Beeler @BeelerBuzz on 26th October 2021
Which deserves more oversight? The office that has been uncovering unsavory practices? Or the county school system that is producing amateur porn stars? (Photo Credits: Baltimore Magazine, WBFF, WJZ)

Folks, we couldn’t make this stuff up if we tried.

See if you can follow the bouncing ball on this one…

Since their attempt to strip the Baltimore County Office of the Inspector General of its power failed miserably, the powers-that-be have implemented an oversight committee that will, essentially, handcuff IG Kelly Madigan in her efforts to uncover unsavory practices in the county government.

You got that right, folks. Johnny O seems awful pleased with himself about providing oversight for the office that, well, provides oversight over the county.

Could this whole mess have started because OIG was calling out Johnny O’s political cronies?

You’re damn right.

Meanwhile, the Baltimore County Public Schools continues a total lack of transparency with no repercussions from our county executive.

In this latest debacle, the troubled school system is clamming up after a video appeared on social media depicting students engaging in sexual activity in the classroom.

It’s a “BCPS Gone Wild” scenario.

Here’s a troubling ditty from that WJZ story:

A Baltimore County Public Schools spokesperson told WJZ the school district would not issue a comment on the incident beyond the information contained in the letter sent home to parents.

Again, there is NO TRANSPARENCY from BCPS … and no consequences for the school system from Johnny O.

We’ve gotten some backlash about the separation between the county government and the county schools. Some people believe that the county executive has no control over the school system.

Actually, Johnny O does have some control because he holds the reins over BCPS’s funding through the county budget.

Quite frankly, dropping the funding to a lower level could provide the wakeup call or incentive Dr. Darryl Williams needs to shape up BCPS.

Will that happen? Probably not. The county executive is always quick to point out that he is a former teacher, so he wouldn’t want to risk upsetting his former brethren.

Should that happen? Absolutely. We need a leader who isn’t afraid to take a stand and fight the waste, poor management, and even poorer results BCPS has produced.

Instead, IG Madigan gets put through the ringer while Dr. Williams goes laughing all the way to the bank.

And Johnny O plays the…

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