Is ‘Out of Touch Dutch’ taking away his constituents’ public voice?
Posted by Buzz Beeler @BeelerBuzz on 29th October 2021
Is ‘Out of Touch Dutch’ really pushing for social media reform, or is he ducking, dodging, and ditching the negative comments that unhappy constituents post to his Facebook page? (Photo Credits: Capital Gazette, Killy Killford)

Folks, we normally love a good plot twist, but not when it involves outright hypocrisy and doing an abrupt about-face because it suits your agenda.

When our favorite politician, Congressman Dutch Ruppersberger, announced that he was deactivating his Facebook and Instagram accounts, we got a little suspicious. The timing seemed all too convenient.

After all, Dutch is still backing the failed plans of our ‘dementia-patient-in-chief’ despite seriously low poll numbers and numerous examples of Biden’s diminished mental capacity.

That certainly would bring a slurry of comments to Dutch’s Facebook page, but that public discourse won’t be possible because the account is going away.

Dutch went on WBAL radio to try and explain his rationale, but you could tell two things during that interview:

1) Dutch doesn’t understand anything about social media algorithms and was simply regurgitating what his much younger staff told him to say.

2) Dutch suddenly had a ‘come to Jesus’ moment about the perils of being divisive and the effects that divisiveness is having on our nation.

Dutch had some chilling words when Bryan Nehman asked him what the government should do to combat Facebook’s ability to amplify negativity:

…Look, I’m not an expert in a lot of this; most of the members [of Congress] aren’t…

Yet we’re supposed to believe that Congress can rein in Facebook? Folks, this is what happens when you keep putting out-of-touch career politicians back in office for decades. They can’t relate to what is really going on.

The other part of Dutch’s interview that was laughable was when he kept saying that Facebook is dividing the nation, and that division has to stop. He said people need to get over it and move on.

Wait a minute.

That rhetoric certainly wasn’t part of Dutch’s liberal agenda during President Trump’s four years in office. He constantly called for people to rally against the president and shouted from the rooftops about the 25th Amendment and impeachment.

But now that Biden is being propped up in office, we’re all supposed to forget all that divisive talk and get along? We should all drink the liberal kool-aid and then hold hands around the campfire singing Kumbaya?

Not. Going. To. Happen.

You and your liberal cronies made this bed with four years of hate speech, Dutch. Now you all need to lie in it.

Folks, whether his pit bull of a communications director thinks we have a personal vendetta against Dutch or not, we’re not going to sit back and let him change direction just because it suits him.

We’re calling him out, plain and simple. Suspending his Facebook account only takes away a public forum for his constituents to comment on his bulls**t.

And that is NOT acceptable. Dutch shouldn’t hide behind an algorithm excuse … especially since he had trouble pronouncing that word.

We’ll leave you with one final example of why this career politician needs to go. He explained that his office welcomes comments from constituents and still keeps a fax number for older people who still use faxes to contact him.

Feel free to fax Dutch at 1-800-OUT-OF-TOUCH.

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