The woke mob’s vaccine gestapo is coming for your children
Posted by Buzz Beeler @BeelerBuzz on 8th November 2021
The county’s ‘mandater-in-chief’ announced COVID vaccine clinics for all Baltimore County Public Schools back in August. Now, with logic going completely against him, will he take another misstep forward and mandate that all BCPS students have to be vaccinated against COVID? (Photo Credit: WMAR)

Folks, before you get in an uproar one way or another, we need you to understand that this column is not debating whether COVID vaccines are necessary.

We’re squarely in the ‘do what you believe is best’ camp. If you want to get the vaccine, then get it. If you don’t want to get the vaccine, then don’t get it.

What we’re talking about is mandating the vaccine, particularly for young children.

It was bad enough when Johnny O told county employees that they either get the vaccine or lose their jobs.

It was bad enough when the Baltimore County Public Schools (BCPS) told high school athletes that they either had to get the vaccine or not play sports.

Now it’s entirely possible that this vaccine mandate will be thrust upon children aged 5-11 … for no good reason.

Again, this is not anti-vaxx. This is anti-mandate.

When you look at this logically (which is typically a skill Johnny O lacks), mandating a vaccine for young children is preposterous. While the woke mob has screamed ‘follow the science,’ they fail to see that the science proves that young children have a better chance of getting struck by lightening while holding a winning lottery ticket than they do of developing a case of COVID that requires hospitalization or causes death.

Most young children who get COVID remain asymptomatic or only develop mild symptoms that are no worse than the common cold. Are there exceptions? Yes. But should the result for such a minuscule amount of cases dictate that ALL BCPS students MUST get vaccinated?

We say HELL NO.

This is just dangerous, folks. The vaccine’s effects on adults are still being debated, so why rush to put the vaccine into children whose bodies are still developing?

One could wonder why vaccinating young children is being pushed so hard at all levels of government. Did Big Pharma negotiate a sweetheart deal in order to produce the vaccine? Is there something about the COVID virus that the government isn’t telling us? Is there something contained in the vaccine that goes beyond COVID but isn’t being shared?

Is it a coincidence that the cases of myocarditis increased in teens who get the vaccine and the drug used to combat that condition is produced by one of the vaccine makers?

There are a lot of conspiracy theories floating around, and we’re not going to get into them. All we’re saying is that the health and well-being of our children should be much more important than a politician’s mandate.

The woke mob continues to play ‘vaccine gestapo’ and pounces on anyone who refuses to get vaccinated. That alone should warrant a deeper decision about getting the vaccine or not.

Again, if you want it, get it. If you don’t, then don’t let Johnny O, BCPS, President Poopy Pants, or anyone else tell you that you don’t have a choice.

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