County hopes weekly COVID testing will force more employees to get vaccinated
Posted by Buzz Beeler @BeelerBuzz on 22nd November 2021
Now acting as the public health czar, Johnny O will badger county employees to get vaccinated by submitting them to weekly testing … at considerable expense to the county. (Photo Credit: FOX 45)

In yet another abuse of power, our county executive says that he will use weekly COVID testing as a means to badger county employees to get vaccinated … like it or not.

During his appearance on MPT’s State Circle, Johnny O stated that the testing will only be required for those county employees who either have not been vaccinated or have not reported their vaccination status.

Looking rather pleased with himself, our newly self-appointed public health czar stated that he hopes the weekly testing will lead to more county employees getting vaccinated.

No matter what side of the vaccine fence you’re on, this should raise some serious red flags.

For one, Johnny O said that the testing will happen at every police and fire station and will be handled by a vendor. That is quite a few testing sites, folks, and those testing vendors don’t work for free. That means a hefty spend of YOUR tax dollars to uphold Commie Johnny’s vaccine mandate.

Another issue that we see is the county executive’s obtuse reaction to the number of first responders who have been unwilling to get vaccinated. These are people who run into burning buildings or respond to violent crimes, so you know that fear of needles isn’t the reasoning. Despite Johnny’s smiling rhetoric about how safe and effective the vaccines are, there are people who don’t want to take the risk.

And, frankly, they shouldn’t have to do so.

Once again, we see that our county executive has no issue telling people what to do and no remorse spending your tax dollars to make sure they comply with his supreme orders.

But he’ll let the boondoggles at BCPS continue with a shrug of his shoulders and a “What can I do?” attitude.

To watch the full interview, which includes him wasting even more tax dollars in the name of fair elections, click the video below.

All we can say, folks, is his excellency’s logic about these topics truly boggles the mind.


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