Johnny O shills for schools, but there should be no dough without accountability
Posted by Buzz Beeler @BeelerBuzz on 6th December 2021
Johnny O now wants BCPS parents to pester the state into ponying up $2 billion for school construction, but why should the state give anything to a school system that has been proven to be top heavy and administratively bloated? (Photo Credits: WYPR, Face-in-Hole,

In case you didn’t know, Johnny O is a former teacher for the Baltimore County Public Schools.

Sorry, we’re being facetious. Of course everybody knows that fact because Johnny O brings it up constantly.

Although, he’s added a new wrinkle now that his daughter attends BCPS instead of her former private school, but we’ll digress on that.

Today, we want to call out the county executive for being a blatant shill for a school system that has been proven to be bloated at the top administrative levels.

Yet, good ol’ Commie Johnny has no shame in asking BCPS parents to pester state lawmakers for $2 billion in additional funding for school construction:

Read some of the comments when you get a chance. You’ll see that there are plenty of people who agree that BCPS shouldn’t get any more funding until the top-heavy school system gets its house in order.

And that starts with accountability. Something the county executive has never demanded.

Frankly, Johnny O has done a marvelous job of passing the buck when it comes to the issues within our schools. He’s blamed parents, the pandemic, mental health, students…

He has NOT blamed administrators, the school board, or even his own sorry administration.

Sorry to be so blunt, but anyone who believes giving BCPS and Baltimore County $2 billion of state taxpayer funds is an…

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