The BCPS liberal agenda is to blame for the problems in our schools
Posted by Buzz Beeler @BeelerBuzz on 15th December 2021
When you teach students to ignore authority and celebrate them for doing so, it will lead to the violent incidents we’re seeing in the county schools today. (Photo Credit: Baltimore Sun)

There’s an idiom that explains all of the trouble that’s happening at the Baltimore County Public Schools these days: You reap what you sow.

Back when liberals within BCPS were throwing tantrums about President Trump and screaming ‘f**k the police’ in the name of so-called social justice, they were planting the seeds of anarchy within the students.

When governments started pushing to defund police departments or pass reforms that weren’t warranted just to appease the liberal crowds (like Commie Johnny O did), they were teaching our children to disrespect authority.

When everyone was in a virtual environment, these issues didn’t bubble to the surface much. But now that kids and teachers are back in the classroom, those seeds of anarchy have sprouted and are growing.

That’s why the latest BCPS rhetoric of utilizing school resource officers to restore order within the schools will not work.

And, pardon our French, but it’s their own damn fault.

You can’t spend years putting those Marxist thoughts into kids’ heads and then expect those kids to ignore what you said just because your party is in power now. You don’t get to flip a switch just because Trump is out of office and you need the police to keep you safe.

That liberal hypocrisy is why we’re in the state we are today, and those who spent years making that bed now need to lie in it.

Will BCPS or Johnny O take responsibility for fostering this environment of anarchy, disrespect, and violence? Of course not. They will blame the pandemic, parents, students, and everything else that fits neatly into their liberal agenda.

Adding more school resource officers won’t fix things. Students have had it drilled into their heads that the police are bad and not to be trusted.

To that end, the county schools will continue to have problems until our so-called leaders step up, acknowledge the years of brainwashing they performed on the students, and take the necessary steps to reverse the damage their liberal agenda has done.

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