Should Johnny O really be bragging about his education track record?
Posted by Buzz Beeler @BeelerBuzz on 18th December 2021
Johnny O, who is constantly reminding us that he is a former Baltimore County teacher, has thrown plenty of our tax dollars into the county schools dumpster fire. Sadly, he thinks wasting our money is an accomplishment worth bragging about to his supporters. (Photo Credits: WYPR, Face-in-Hole,

Folks, only a Progressive Democrat would see wasting our tax dollars as an accomplishment.

Our county executive took to Facebook to remind everyone, once again, that he is a former Baltimore County teacher.

Oh, and he also let us know that he’s had ‘three years of progress’ in fixing the school system in our county.



To say that is a joke would be an understatement. But the joke isn’t funny. It’s more of a ‘Michael Richards at the Apollo Theater’ type of joke.

Commie Johnny has thrown millions upon millions of our tax dollars into the BCPS dumpster fire, and we’re not sure he can call what’s happening at the troubled school system ‘progress.’

Parents are preferring to homeschool children, teachers are pushing radical liberal theories on students, school administration is bloated and sucking up funding, violence in schools is increasing, bus drivers and support staff are quitting…

The list goes on and on.

Exactly where is the ‘progress,’ Mr. County Executive?

We can say, without a doubt, that these problems have persisted and festered under your so-called leadership, Johnny. And you continue to do nothing to stop it.

To quote your own Facebook post:

And you, Mr. Olszewski, are definitely by your own definition part of the problem.


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